SAAC Members Present Measures to Mitigate Counterfeiting

saac members

At the recently held open conference at Abu Dhabi Petroleum Exhibition & Conference (ADIPEC) 2017, Members of the Steel Alliance Against Counterfeiting (SAAC) presented a series of anti-counterfeit measures.

The participants in the conference included engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) contractors, and other stakeholders from the Middle East’s oil and gas industry.

During the conference, SAAC members explained how they had implemented new anti-counterfeiting measures to mitigate the risk of receiving fake products, and conducted training workshops for their introduction.

A recent study commissioned by SAAC, comprised of 18 manufacturers of steel tubular products and found that 53% of industry professionals in the GCC have personally encountered fake steel products during their day-to-day operations. 79% of respondents supported tighter controls on steel products imported from certain markets.

Speaking at the conference, the members of the association said that they welcomed the announcement of the latest UAE Fire and Life Safety Code and described it very crucial towards increasing the standards of quality in the safety of building materials, design, and construction, as well regulating the responsibilities of stakeholders during the execution of the project.

Applauding the implementation of the GCC Trade Mark Law, the SAAC members also said that they would serve to strengthen border protection and offer more stringent sanctions against counterfeiters.