Senior police officer emphasizes on the need to deal with counterfeiting

A senior police officer while speaking at an industry body event has said that India is witnessing a humungous economic growth. The country is a rising economic power and offences related to counterfeiting and smuggling should be taken seriously. He said that the police can play a substantial role in fighting the menace of counterfeiting in a major way.

The senior police officer Mr. K Jagadeesan, Joint Commissioner of Police (Training) spoke at a training programme for Delhi Police personnel. The programme was organised by FICCI CASCADE (Committee Against Smuggling and Counterfeiting Activities Destroying the Economy) at the Smart Policing Academy in New Delhi.

The event was attended by senior and junior police officials who were equipped with the knowledge on the impact of counterfeiting on Indian economy and how the police can play a decisive role in tackling counterfeiting. Mr K Jagadeesan also said that for a long time, counterfeiting was considered as a victimless crime but in reality, it has many far-reaching consequences and thus it is important for a police officer to understand the impact of counterfeiting and ways to deal with it.

Source: PTI