Tamil Nadu minister accuses private players for selling adulterated milk


A recent statement by Rajendra Balaji, Dairy Products Minister, Tamil Nadu has left the private players of Tamil Nadu milk industry completely stormed. He has strongly accused private firms for mixing harmful chemicals in milk which is responsible for causing cancer amongst the children.

He said that he had received numerous complaints from the public as well as organisations regarding the chemical mixing in milk. He alleged that the firms, in order to increase the shelf life of milk used Hydrogen peroxide and chlorine. Several teams have been assigned the task of collecting samples and then send them to the laboratory in Pune for adulteration tests and if found guilty, serious actions will be taken against them and criminal charges will be imposed. He added that the milk is only unadulterated if it gets sour in five hours, if not, then it is adulterated.

Following Balaji’s statement, a Public Interest Litigation has been filed by advocate AP Suryaprakasam in the Madras High Court seeking a CBI inquiry into the adulteration of milk by private companies. The court has directed the government to file a status report on the matter within two weeks, and the next hearing has been scheduled on June 19.

The statement issued by Balaji did not go well with the private milk companies and they feel they are only being targeted by the minister.

A study by advisory firm KPMG and the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) indicates that sales of fake consumer goods or fake FMCG products are growing faster than the overall consumer products market.