UAE-Fake Items Worth Dh83m Seized in Ajman

fake product

The Ajman Department of Economic Development (ADED) seized more than 413, 277 fake products of around 40 universal brands worth over Dh83 million recently.

The seizure came as a part of the big plan to target counterfeit products of global brands, including shoes, cosmetics, perfumes, handbags, spare parts etc.

Director of Customer Relation Department, Majid Al Suwaidi, said as fake items are flooding the business sectors, it incited the ADED, in coordination with the concerned department to heighten the investigation.

He included that the ADED will make a lawful move against the violators to guarantee implementation of local and government laws that avoid extortion in different structures, including the move to check fake products, which constitutes an unmistakable infringement of the law and a risk to the public and additionally the purchaser. He focused on the seizure of fake things helps to check the illegal piracy trade in the emirate.

Al Suwaidi stated, “DED-Ajman’s endeavours fall in accordance with our move to create a reasonable consumer investment atmosphere that not only backs up monetary development but also decreases frequencies of fraudulent business practices.”

He included, “We are focused on making a protected and aggressive economic environment that supports the improvement of different indispensable financial sectors. Our need is to secure customers who are casualties of legitimate infringement by a few vendors, for example, promoting and exchanging illicit merchandise that falls under the classification of business extortion, duplicating, producing and infringement of intellectual property laws.”