20% medicines sold in India are fake, says US trade body

India is one of the leaders in producing low-cost generic medicines due to high local demand and low-cost manufacturing. Despite being ranked as the third largest pharmaceutical market in terms of volume, it is ranked on 13th when it comes to quality. It has been discovered that even the most popular drugs like Crocin and Betadine are adulterated to a certain degree.

The rise of low-cost pharmaceuticals has come under the light of United States Trade Representatives under its ‘Special 301 Report’. The organisation has blamed India for violating the IP protection for its growing problem on fake medicines.

The report states that 20% of the drugs manufactured in India are adulterated. With its claim of being the home to most ancient medicine and one of the foremost pharmacy hubs of the world, figures like this can be disparaging for India.

Such fake drugs are not only affecting India’s local population but also the massive populations of Indian pharmaceutical exporters like Africa, Canada, the Caribbean, the E.U, South America, and the United States. The officials are looking seriously into the matter aim to combat it with the use of advanced anti-counterfeiting technology.

Source: Trak.in