Verification Service by SF Express to Tackle China’s Widespread Counterfeiting

Verification Service by SF Express

A verification service called “SF Certified International Shipping” (SF CIS) has been launched by Chinese logistics service provider SF Express recently.

The service features visual branding that can verify the packages being handled by the service provider from their overseas origin to the end-recipient in China.

The service is launched due to widespread counterfeiting in China and it’s lax intellectual property standards. Explaining the same, David William Adams, CEO of SF Express International Business Unit said that, “proving their products are actually shipping from overseas is a common challenge for these overseas sellers.”

This initiative is taken by SF Express to end-to-end control its transport chain, leverage its reputation, and to strengthen sales for its customers. As Chinese consumers can pay any premium for imports and the demand is spurring counterfeiters, it has become difficult for retailers to prove the authenticity of their products.

Adams further added that the new offering of SF Express provides a visual stamp and certifies cross-border shipments originated in overseas countries which in turn raises confidence among online shoppers in China.

The SF CIS stamp is also present on e-air-waybills enables real-time tracking and provides international end-to-end visibility of the package. The service is currently available from 13 countries, across Asia, Australia, Europe and North America.