Workshop by CropLife discusses the problem of fake pesticides

CropLife India- an association of member agro-based companies organized a workshop of pesticide dealers at Bharuch. The workshop was organized with the help of Kruti Charitable Trust which is the implementing NGO partner of CropLife India.

The workshop witnessed more than 100 pesticide dealers across Bharuch district. Asitava Sen, Chief Executive Officer, CropLife India said, “Presence of significant share of non-genuine pesticide in the Indian market, which can be illegal, counterfeit, spurious, adulterated or substandard, is a matter of concern. These products are unable to control the pests and may cause considerable harm to soil and environment as well as production loss. Dealers play an important role in the entire supply chain, ensuring farmers receive quality pesticides.”

The workshop focused on the different ways of detecting fake, spurious and substandard and unregistered/unlicensed pesticides. The dealers revealed the challenges faced by them on the ground and the company representatives shared their views on determining the source of the pesticides. Farmer education by dealers formed an important part of the overall workshop.

Source: Business Standard