When Poonam Had a Bitter Experience with Fake Medicines

Counterfeiting Story

Poonam has a tiny tot, a four-year old pretty daughter and like all kids of this age, she too is quite susceptible to all seasonal flus and infections.

It so happened, that Poonam’s daughter caught cold and cough and as always, she knew what to give her, SBL’s homeopathic medicine. The brand she always trusted on and which always showed good results on her little one.

Poonam rushed to the nearest chemist shop and purchased a bottle of the same. It is worth mentioning here that this chemist shop is one of the top reputed and big stores in Mumbai and thousands of people pay a visit here every day to get rid of their ailments.

The moment she opened the bottle, she was a little surprised with the colour of the medicine as it was pale yellowish. She could sense something is not right as she was sure that the last time she had given it to her daughter, the colour was white.

She immediately started looking for the old bottle and fortunately found one with one or two tablets. The tablets were white and her suspicions were right!

Poonam was terrified on the mere thought that would have happened if she had fed her daughter with those fake or counterfeit or expired medicines!

Furiously, she called up the customer care and expressed her sheer dissatisfaction and disappointment. The customer care people handled the situation patiently and persuaded that they would act against the store for selling fake medicines on their name, duping the customers and spoiling their brand image.

Very soon, the representatives from SBL visited her house and gave her two bottles of the original product but refused to give anything in writing about the sale of their counterfeit medicine on the store.

She still doesn’t know if any action was taken against the store seller or not. All she knows is that the fake medicine could have posed some serious problems to her daughter.

It is seen that 1 out of 5 drugs in India is counterfeited which accounts for 14% annual loss. Don’t fall for fake medicines. Be aware of what medicines you are consuming and double check. Gone are the days when medicines did only good!

(Based on inputs from Poonam Moolchandani, Resident, Mumbai)

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