Does shrink sleeves on your product breaks apart easily, shrink unevenly & fail to prevent counterfeiting?

Poor quality shrink sleeves can get wrinkles during application impacting your product appearance

Low quality shrink sleeves are prone to heat & abrasion resulting in poor product appeal & sales

Ordinary shrink sleeves without security features can be easily copied resulting in product duplication

Generic shrink sleeves with poor quality printing are unable to create visual appeal

Holostik shrink sleeves are durable, highly aesthetic, and provide comprehensive security against counterfeiting

Our shrink sleeves are made with high quality raw materials for increased durability and maximum visual appeal

Integration of digital security ensures implementation of multiple supply chain solutions

Uniform application of shrink sleeves on different shapes & sizes of bottle to fulfil diverse requirements of customers

Incorporated with holographic security to prevent duplication & boost your product sales

Use of premium quality inks and features guarantee that your product shrink label grabs the attention of end consumers

No wrinkles, bubbles and cuts formed during the application resulting in high visual appeal of the product

Why you should choose Holostik Shrink Sleeves

Holostik is an unrivalled leader in providing attractive and durable shrink sleeve labels for your products. Holostik’s shrink sleeves are made with high quality raw materials and can be customised to fit uniformly on different shapes of bottles.

Superior aesthetic appeal owing to decades of R&D innovation ensures high visual appeal and brand value

Prestigious and reputed member of renowned label organisation like LMAI

Use of 4th generation nano optical holography ensures high security from duplication, tampering & adulteration

Bottle neck shrink sleeves with tamper evident features prevent duplication resulting in high sales

All physical & digital layers are produced in-house under 24/7 surveillance ensuring client’s confidentiality

Fulfil huge volume of requirements with faster turnaround time ensures timely sale of client’s product in the market




What Our Clients Say

Evaluating Shrink Sleeves For Your Products?

Find out 7 critical reasons why Dr. Biswas Good Health loves Holostik Holographic Shrink Sleeves. Read our free case study — 12 pages jam-packed with practical guidelines you could adopt when evaluating shrink sleeve labels manufacturers.

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