Labels without digital features cause poor supply chain visibility & financial losses

Conventional labels cannot monitor products in the supply chain & cause inventory mismanagement

Normal labels fail to promote consumer engagement or create distinct product identity

Generic labels are easily duplicated leading to loss of market share and sales

Unsecured labels lead to duplication which in turn leads to diminished brand trust  

Holostik smart labels can increase supply chain visibility by


Labels with QR codes enable better supply chain visibility resulting in higher ROI

Fulfil the role of conventional labels while providing advanced digital features

Allow digital product authentication which is quick & accurate

Can be combined with physical security to boost product security & increase sales

Engage your end consumers to increase product sales and repeat purchases

Increase supply chain visibility to minimize product recall and theft in supply chain

Why you should choose Holostik smart labels

Holostik is a leader in providing smart labels for different applications across industries. Besides, preventing duplication, our smart labels help in improving supply chain visibility, consumer engagement and business growth.

Only company to provide specialized, security and smart features in a single label

Capability to deliver large volume of orders on time which helps your business grow manifolds

Stringent quality check at every stage of production results in high quality labels

Easily manage entire supply chain and improve business output and customer experience

Use of high-quality raw materials from global leaders like Avery Dennison which ensures best quality of labels

Build consumer trust and market share by integrating phygital security, brand authentication & supply chain automation into existing product label design




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Evaluating Smart Labels For Your Products?

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*With results driven from specific use cases and would vary as per implementation
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