Generic labels are unable to enhance the visual appeal of your brand resulting in poor brand loyalty

Generic labels without aesthetics are unable to grab consumer’s attention, which results in low sales

Dull appearing labels are unable to match your brand identity consequently hampering brand image

Value enhancement in generic labels is minimal, hence lacks differentiation from competing products

Most label companies are not able to deliver large volumes on time impacting timely product sales

Holostik UV embossed 3D labels boost consumer engagement and makes your product unique amongst its competitors

Combination of lens, OVD, PRI etc. for enhanced aesthetics & security to boost product sales

Highly customizable to your brand and packaging needs

Supreme aesthetics and design to increase consumer engagement

High content to size ratio to accommodate maximum content in a limited size

Fulfil large orders of labels on time so that you can timely sell your products 

Dedicated team of inhouse designers to develop secure & aesthetic designs

Why you should choose Holostik UV Embossed 3D Labels

Holostik is the leading manufacturer of UV embossed 3D labels. Embedded with superior aesthetic elements, designs and security features our 3D labels amplify product’s visibility on the shelf and adds premium appeal to the brand. 

Only company to provide specialized, security and smart features in a single label

Capability to deliver large volume of labels on time which ensures timely sale of your products

Stringent quality check at every stage of production results in high quality labels

Only company to provide UV embossing & metallization under one roof

Use of high-quality raw materials from global leaders like Avery Dennison which leads to best labels

Build consumer trust & market share by integrating phygital security, authentication & supply chain automation into your existing product label design




What Our Clients Say

Evaluating UV-Embossed 3D Labels For Your Products?

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*With results driven from specific use cases and would vary as per implementation
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