When Sanjeev Had A Confrontation With Inferior Bio-oil

Counterfeiting Story

Sanjeev’s family is a regular user of bio-oil. Owing to its different utilities and benefits, all the members of his family really admired the product and were using the same since 1.5 years.

As a regular consumer of the product, Sanjeev once purchased it from a local chemist shop in Noida. When the product was opened, it did not appear to be the same as the one he has been using till date. It was heavy and greasy in nature.

When it was applied to the skin, the oil acted opposite to its property. The oil which was supposed to get absorbed on skin failed to do so even after 1 hour of the application.

Getting curious on the different appearance and action of the oil, he carried out an in-depth research of it and noticed several prominent dissimilarities.

As already mentioned, the earlier bio-oil was light and non-greasy in nature whereas this new oil was comparatively heavy and greasy. Secondly, the information provided on the outer package of the earlier oil was in English, French and Portuguese, but the new one had information written in English only.

Moreover, the old Bio-oil bore the manufacturer’s location address on the outer package and a registration number. Whereas this new bottle contained no registration number. Instead, they had the manufacturer’s postal address.

The most visible difference was the colour of the product. The earlier Bio-oil had an orange colour while the new one had a pinkish colour and the content was lighter than the original.

After observing such serious differences in the two products, Sanjeev was sure there was some serious problem with the newly purchased product. To confirm his doubts, he showed it to a friend who also owned a chemist shop.

And unsurprisingly, his friend confirmed that the product was counterfeit. Sanjeev immediately stopped using the same, otherwise, it could have caused some serious skin problems and other unknown consequences too.

He took the product to the seller who completely denied the replacement and also told that the same product is being sold in the majority stores. He even assured that he will check with the supplier (which we are sure he would hardly do and had just said to escape the situation).

As a regular user, Sanjeev was quick to respond to the differences but for the new users, it would be very difficult. We urge everyone to cross-check the product on the manufacturer’s website and note the important traits of the original product and then compare it to the product while purchasing.

Remember, ‘Prevention is always better than cure.’

(Based on inputs from Sanjeev Kumar, Resident, Noida)

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