The multiple benefits of holographic wide web films

Packaging plays an important role in product safety, promotion and sales. In a highly competitive market environment packaging can boost the growth of the company. Market experts consider product packaging as the first communicators of the company. An ideal packaging must secure the brand against tampering and duplication, enhance its visibility, and must keep the content of the products intact and safe.

Of late, there has been a rise in the use of new packaging materials by product manufacturers. These packaging products are of high quality, can include different anti-counterfeiting features and most importantly provide an edge to the product against its competitors.

One of the most popular packaging products is holographic wide web film which is an effective flexible solution used for lamination, wrapping, packaging and a host of other purposes. The films also curb counterfeiting as they offer holographic protection and prevents tampering. Holographic wide web films are available in various sizes and can be customised as per the specifications of the clients. Holographic wide web films are basically designed and manufactured using the best quality raw materials and are extensively used for flexible packaging.

The holographic films are available both in PET (polyethene terephthalate) (minimum thickness 12 microns) and BOPP (biaxially oriented polypropylene) (minimum thickness 20 microns). Besides providing brand protection, holographic wide web films leverage the brand value by making the end product completely holographic.

Holostik is one of the leaders in anti-duplication and packaging solutions in India and provides a wide array of wide web holographic films that are available in various specifications as per the client’s requirements. The films are known for their self-adhesiveness, clarity, quality and shine. Special care has been taken by experts in making the product compatible with international standards and the latest market trends.

Some features of Holostik’s holographic wide web films:

  1. Attractive looks with optimum clarity.
  2. Shiny and glossy with high brightness & high gloss holographic effects.
  3. High bonding strength, heat resistant and waterproof.
  4. Available in different colours and patterns, plain, light beam and patterns. Many designs are available for selection and customer’s designs.
  5. Used for toiletries, tobacco, flexible packaging, printing, wine boxes, gift boxes, books, magazines, boxes, printed products and other paper products laminating. suitable for high-grade imitation and pseudo carton laminating.

Why holography plays a dominant role in product packaging?

Holography not just helps in securing the product against duplication but also helps in making the product highly attractive for the end-consumer. In a highly competitive market product manufacturers leave no stone unturned to attract potential consumers and retain loyal ones. Holograms and other holographic packaging products are an effective way to catch the attention of consumers. There is also a wide scope of innovation in security holograms.

Some examples include new printing techniques, innovative embossing processes along with a plethora of 3D visual effects and features which can be incorporated in the holograms.

Security holograms can also encompass other anti-tampering, covert, overt, forensic and digital features which substantially increases its effectiveness in packaging.

Another widely used packaging product is the holographic wide web film which is used for a wide variety of flexible applications. Holographic wide web films are used for printing, making gift wraps, lamination, product packaging and enticing marketing stickers. This holographic product helps in reinforcing brand identities, capturing customer attention and bringing new life to mature or ageing pack design.

Of late, there is a high demand for many other holographic security and packaging products. Some of them include holographic security pouches, holographic wads/liners, holographic shrink sleeves, holographic tax stamps, holographic stamping foil and holographic security labels.

Holostik is one of the global leaders in the anti-counterfeiting and packaging industry and provides different holographic products in a customized format as per the need of the consumers. Each of these holographic products is used by different industries and has different applications. However holographic products can also serve multiple purposes of providing security and aesthetic appeal to the product.

Holostik has also made a revolutionary change in product packaging with the incorporation of bar codes/QR codes on most of the holographic products with exceptions like hot stamping foil. Holostik strongly believes that physical and digital technologies are complementary to each other and are not competing.

Holostik: Ensuring comprehensive security of products and supply chain

One of the biggest challenges for companies today is the security of their supply chain. Any kind of lapses in a supply chain can lead to theft, counterfeiting, adulteration and other problems which can severely impact the performance of an organisation.

Industries, regulatory agencies and governments across the world have realised the importance of implementing security measures in order to secure the product and supply chain. This comprehensive security approach helps all the stakeholders of the supply chain.

When it comes to ensuring the security of the brand most organisations believe that it is enough to secure the product against any kind of duplication and tampering. However, the actual scenario is quite different as a product is susceptible to different problems at different stages of the supply chain. This means that product authentication does not guarantee the security of a product from theft and damages.

Today, when the performance of the company highly depends on the health of the supply chain it is equally important to secure the product along with the supply chain.

Holostik provides cutting-edge anti-counterfeiting solutions for ensuring the safety of the product and the supply chain. In order to secure the product, the company has a gamut of solutions ranging from security holograms, security labels, QR based holograms, labels and much more. Holostik provides security labels and holograms and smart QR based holograms for product authentication and it also offers track and trace services which ensure the tracking and tracing of product in the supply chain.

A comprehensive security approach can be implemented with the help of a customised smart hologram or customised holographic label which caters product authentication along with track and trace functionality. With Holostik’s robust track and trace services, manufacturers can remain carefree from any kind of product theft, tampering, adulteration in a supply chain.

How can liquor industry secure their products against counterfeiting?

The high number of deaths caused due to hooch tragedies took the entire nation by storm. Counterfeit or low-grade adulterated liquor lead to many deaths in the states of Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh and quite lately in Assam where the hooch tragedy claimed 150 lives.

As per franchiseindia, “India’s alcohol industry is the third largest in the world with a value of $35 billion. The industry is divided into three categories: Indian Manufactured Foreign Liquor (IMFL), beer, and homemade liquor. Revenue in the Alcoholic Drinks market amounted to US$67,661m in 2018. The market is expected to grow annually by 7.9% (CAGR 2018-2021).”

Due to the massive market for alcohol in India, counterfeiters are using it as an opportunity to sell counterfeit alcohol. Counterfeiting of alcohol has considerably increased with the import of high-quality liquor of globally famous brands. Most of the duplicators use old bottles to refill them with counterfeit alcohol. Along with this they also copy packaging and paste new tax stamps and labels on the bottles.

Holostik has been providing advanced anti-counterfeiting solutions to excise departments of many states in India. However, as per new excise policies, many excise departments have replaced holographic tax stamps with barcodes to ensure track and trace technology.

This has led counterfeiters to easily copy the bar codes and use it on liquor bottles. Perhaps, one of the biggest disadvantages of bar codes and QR codes is that they can be easily copied and pasted on counterfeit products to make them look real.

Holostik has been suggesting a combination of physical and digital security to safeguard liquor products. A multi-layered approach towards securing liquor helps in minimizing the risks of counterfeiting to a large extent, this means that if even if a forger is able to copy bar codes then he would not be able to copy the holographic label. Its like two-edged sword which helps in tackling counterfeiting effectively.

online shopping

The rise of the menace of counterfeiting on e-commerce platforms

In today’s market scenario, online shopping trends are taking over the minds of the consumers. With the deep penetration of internet and wide availability of smartphones, people have become addicted to e-commerce apps. Perhaps, the biggest advantages of online shopping include convenience, a vast amount of choices, offers and discounts.

According to the Indian Brand Equity Foundation, “India is the fastest growing market for the E-Commerce sector. Revenue from the sector is expected to increase from US$ 39billion in 2017 to US$120 billion in 2020, growing at an annual rate of 51 per cent, the highest in the world. E-Commerce industry in India witnessed 21 private equity firm and venture capital deals worth US$ 2.1 billion in 2017 and 40 deals worth US$ 1,2

Lately, online shopping is facing the menace of counterfeiting. Counterfeiters and forgers are selling a huge amount of fakes on popular e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal among others. A recent survey by Local Circles a citizen engagement platform everyone in three online shoppers has received a fake item.

According to an article published in ET Now, “Most consumers are able to identify counterfeit products by either recognizing that the product is different from what they had ordered or through the packaging or colour, the Velocity MR survey showed. Industry members said that often consumers may not even identify counterfeit products, which would otherwise take the number of such cases much higher.”

Due to the sale of fake products, e-commerce players are facing a tarnished brand image, loss of consumer trust and most importantly sales and profits.

In order to secure their products against counterfeiting e-commerce players can take the following steps:

  1. E-commerce should make the use of anti-counterfeiting packaging mandatory and must ensure that all third-party sellers abide by this.
  2. The combination of digital and physical anti-counterfeiting technologies can ward off duplication to a large extent in e-commerce.
  3. E-commerce players must ensure proper and timely monitoring of third-party sellers for the presence of any fake products.

Highly efficient digital authentication solutions from Holostik

Product authentication is important to determine the genuineness of a product. Authentication is a process through which a human or system verifies the originality or duplicity of any product. Authentication is essential to effective security as it equips the user to check the originality of the product. Holostik has been a pioneer in providing its clients unique and secure holograms which are impossible to copy or duplicate.

The holograms work as a unique identity of genuineness. The scanning of the hologram will immediately tell the customer if the product purchased by them is genuine or fake. The holograms reflect a unique identity of genuineness. A hologram can incorporate overt, covert, forensic or digital features for authentication.

However, among the many authentication features the most used authentication feature is digital which includes barcodes, QR codes, RFIDs etc. According to a trade report, “The barcode sector of the technology segment constituted the highest share in the anti-counterfeit packaging market; and is projected to grow at a second-highest rate during the forecast period as it is highly preferred for brand protection in almost all industries but especially in personal care & cosmetics products. This is due to the information and code embossed over the barcode does not allow the covert data to be displayed on the label, making it difficult for counterfeiters to copy. A barcode helps companies to integrate product lines and reduce the total cost of ownership.”

The customer can also ensure the security and validate originality by scanning the QR code using a scanner, sending the display number via SMS, or through the website. The customer can ensure security and authenticate the product by scanning the QR code using a scanner, sending the display number via SMS, or through the website.

In order to understand the overall process of product authentication let’s understand the complete process in detail:

  1. First, the customer purchases the product enabled with the smart hologram or smart label that has a QR code or barcode.
  2. At the time of purchase, the barcode or QR code is scanned to check the authenticity of the product.
  3. Post-scanning, the customer receives the message about the genuineness of the product.
  4. Simultaneously, the manufacturer also receives the message about the scanning of their product.

Holostik not just provides real-time authentication but also moves a step ahead by equipping manufacturers with the track and trace technology through which one can keep a tab of his or her products in the supply chain. The technique provides a unique identifying QR code or barcode onto each product after it has been packaged. This enables individual products to be tracked from production to the end consumer and helps manufacturers significantly reduce counterfeiting by ensuring products can be easily identified. Holostik’s track and trace systems have been designed to ensure the best print quality and the highest level of efficiency.

How holographic wide web films secure and leverage your brand?

Marketers across the globe consider packaging as the first communicator of the company. Effective packaging shows the brand i.e. logos, names, taglines and other product related information like contents, nutrition values, weight, MRP etc. The packaging industry has created many innovations in the past years and wide web films are one of the best among them. Holostik which is one of the pioneers and leaders in packaging and anti-duplication solutions manufactures holographic wide web films which provide an aesthetic appeal to the product and also secures it against any kind of duplication or tampering.

Holostik provides holographic films in different specifications and can be customised as per the requirements of the clients. Holographic wide web films are basically designed and manufactured using the best quality raw materials are widely used in flexible packaging.

Holographic wide web films are available in PET (polyethylene terephthalate -minimum thickness of 12 microns) and BOPP (biaxially oriented polypropylene -minimum thickness 20 microns). Apart from providing security, holographic wide web films increase the brand value by making the end product look completely holographic.

Holographic wide web films are known for their self-adhesiveness, clarity, quality and shine. Special care has been taken by experts at Holostik in making the product compatible with international standards and the latest market trends.

Some features of Holostik’s holographic wide web films:

  • The films are shiny and glossy with high brightness & high gloss holographic effects.
  • The films have a superior bonding strength and are also heat resistant and waterproof.
  • The films are available in different colours and patterns, plain, light beam and patterns. Many designs are available for selection and customer’s designs.
  • The films are used for toiletries, tobacco, flexible packaging, printing, wine boxes, gift boxes, books, magazines, boxes, printed products and other paper products laminating. suitable for high-grade imitation and pseudo carton laminating.

Wads – effective solutions against pilferage and counterfeiting

Wads are disc-shaped materials (usually of paper and foil) used for covering the openings of bottles, cans, jars, etc. Holographic wads and induction sealing wads prevent leakage, tampering, contamination and unauthorised dealing of various domestic and pharmaceutical products used in everyday life. These wads help in concealing and closing the mouth of products which in turn keep them secure from spilling or tampering.

In Holographic Induction sealing wads, the holographic foil is laminated with aluminium foil which in turn is coated with a layer of wax and LDPE, making it water-resistant. The sealing lids or wads provide extra security for bottle and container packing.

Holographic wads are widely used in almost all industries. Be it pharmaceutical, agriculture, food and beverages, Cosmetics, paints, automobile, stationary etc. wads find their usage in many products.

Pharmaceutical– Holographic wads are mostly used by pharmaceutical companies to seal the bottles of medicines securely and hygienically by using sealing machines.

Lubricants– Holographic wads prevent the lubricants from spilling from the bottle. Further, it provides a mark of identity and security to the lubricants manufacturing companies.

Chemical powders– Chemical powders need to be essentially fastened to prevent tampering or to secure leakages. Holographic wads provided by Holostik serve this purpose to a great extent.

The packaging of dairy products– Applying holographic sealing wads on the openings of the mouths of dairy product containers help the manufacturing companies to present their identity along with security.

Some of the benefits of using holographic wads are:

  1. Wads contain customised visually appealing designs & graphics
  2. Wads lend originality to the brand
  3. Wads assure customers about the product’s authenticity

At Holostik, many variants of wads are manufactured and sold at best prices:

  1. Induction sealing holographic and non-holographic wads
  2. Black bottleneck printing (chromo paper/ aluminium printing)
  3. Customised wads with lids
  4. Pressure sensitive wads
  5. Over-printing on holography / poly / board
  6. Mirror transfer
  7. Peel and release wads
  8. Wads with trace and trace

Holostik presents a premium range of holographic wads for clients from various industries at competitive prices. We create customised visually appealing designs & graphics for your products wads and lend originality to them.

security labels importance

Security Label: An effective packaging solution against duplication

Security labels are the first communicators of a company, its brand image, product’s usage and its function. Hence, it is important that a security label should be very effective and powerful. Security labels are one of the most difficult things for the counterfeiters to duplicate.

Security labels are important for enhancing the brand value of the product. Attractive security labels can play a substantial role in creating a visual appeal for the product. Quite evidently, labels which are attractive and soothing to the eye easily catch our attention. Different kinds of security features incorporated on the label can act as a deterrent against counterfeiting.

The security features can be holographic or digital or a combination of both. For example, the incorporation of a QR code or bar codes along with holographic security features add multiple layers of security to the product.

Holostik is one of the largest manufacturers of labels in India. The anti-counterfeiting company not just make different types of security labels but creates an identity that will effectively reflect your brand to your customers and protect it from tampering and counterfeiting. Holostik not just makes it much more secure for its clients but also makes it impossible to copy or replicate it by adding an extra layer of security.

Let’s have a look at some of the features of Holostik’s security labels:

Types of numbering

  • UV
  • Thermal/laser/ink-jet
  • 2D/QR barcodes

Different formats

  • Printing
  • Holography & printing


Holostik provides up to 9 colour printing

Different kinds of Labels

  • FMCG Labels
  • Pharmaceutical labels
  • Label on label
  • Automotive Labels
  • High-security labels
  • In-mould labels
  • Lubricant labels
  • Tyvek Label
  • Beer Labels
  • Tags
  • Apparel Tags
  • Scratch Label
  • Educational Certificates
  • Holographic Scratch


  • Paper
  • Breakable Vinyl
  • Transparent
  • Adhesive Side Printing
  • Tyvek (Non-Tearable)
  • Scratch Labels
  • Fiber Paper Labels
  • In-mould Labels
holographic tax stamps

Tax Stamps: One of the best solutions against counterfeiting

Tax stamps are affixed to certain documents and products to determine that tax has been paid on the same. They serve as a physical and legal symbol for the tax collected by the concerned authority. In India, tax stamps are generally used in the tobacco and liquor industries where they are affixed on cigarette packs, carton and liquor bottles.

The use of tax stamps  

Tax stamps have been put to multiple uses – although unintentionally. Besides, being attached to the product for taxation, tax stamps are an evident proof that a product is authentic. It also serves the purpose of an anti-tampering seal, as it is placed over the opening of tobacco products or alcohol bottles. Moreover, tax stamps are imprinted with serialised code which is used for supply chain track and trace and production monitoring.

Why we need tax stamps?  

Liquor and tobacco industries are witnessing a humongous growth but, there has also been a parallel rise of counterfeit products in both industries. According to a report by FICCI CASCADE titled ‘Illicit Trade: Fuelling terror financing and organised crime’, “The market of illicit cigarettes in India is worth 25,000 crores.” No wonder, the scale of counterfeiting in the entire tobacco industry can be assumed from these figures alone. The liquor industry is also facing the wrath of counterfeiting. The FICCI report states, “The grey market loss to the alcoholic beverage industry stood at INR 14,140 crore in 2014 with a rise of 150 per cent from the year 2012. This resulted in a huge tax loss to the government with an estimated revenue loss of INR 6,309 crore.”

Since liquor and tobacco products are highly susceptible to counterfeiting, therefore, it is essential that tax stamps with high-security features should be used to avoid the sale of fake products and restrict any further losses.

Holostik offers tax stamps incorporated with most sophisticated technologies.  

Holostik offers tax stamps which incorporate different types of anti-counterfeiting technologies which encompass digital product authentication (QR codes & barcodes), holographic and non-holographic features. The company offers customised tax stamps as per the need of the consumer which helps in increasing tax revenues, curbing duplication, reducing the sale of hooch and deaths due to it and easy identification of genuine products.

Some of the high-security features which Holostik offers in its tax stamps are as follows: human readable variable data, machine-readable encrypted code, microprint, copy void feature, thermochromic inks, colour changing image, UV (ultra-violet) feature, user-defined screen, UV papers, security cuts, raster image etc.

Used prominently on substrates like cardboard, paper, PVC, glass, plastic and metal Holostik offers multiple variants of the tax stamps- as per client’s requirement. It includes holographic tax stamps, holographic tax stamps with taggant/talking pen, paper tax stamps and paper tax stamps with a holographic transfer.