The wonderful packaging product- Shrink Sleeve

Product packaging is considered as the first communicator of the company. An effective packaging not just keeps the product’s content secure, but it also showcases different kinds of information related to the product and the brand.

Among the many packaging products and solutions shrink sleeve has become a popular choice in industries like beverages, food, dairy, paint, cosmetics, detergents etc. Holostik’s customised shrink sleeve is known for aesthetic appeal and functional adjustability.

On the application of heat, shrink sleeves conforms tightly to the shape of the container or the product thus serving the purpose of a sleek label and package. Incorporating brilliant artwork and designs on them these sleeves are perfect for marketing and brand promotion.

Holostik manufactures shrink sleeves with a holographic strip and immediately gives the sign of tampering or adulteration which makes it a reliable solution against duplication. These are tamper-evident shrink sleeves that are visually appealing product packaging with an essential feature that ensures the safety of products and consumers.

Here are the major reasons which make shrink sleeve an ideal choice for packaging.

They offer 360-degree branding

Since shrink sleeves wrap around the entire container they provide 360-degree visibility to the brand name. This type of branding is helpful for marketing exposure, no matter whichever way your product is displayed or used the branding will always be strong.

Works on all types of containers

One of the best property of shrink sleeves is to conform tightly to the shape of the container. Sometimes, the bottle come in such odd shapes that labelling becomes highly difficult. Shrink sleeves are the perfect solution to all such limitations. They adhere to irregular shapes and gives an even look. If the design is planned well, the shrink sleeves can add life to the product, making it stand out from the rest.

A tamper-evident seal or a holographic strip can add security

We are all aware of the alarming rates of counterfeiting. The contents of the bottle, containers getting pilfered has become a common practice. A tamper-evident seal or a holographic strip adds utmost security to the bottles. Any attempt to open the bottle and re-seal is completely evident. The customer can see the tampered seal and refuse to purchase the product.


How shrink sleeves provide visibility and security to the product?

Shrink sleeves have emerged as one of the most popular packaging products. From detergents to dairy products, eatables to phenyl paints to cosmetics, shrink sleeves are used in most of the products we see around in our daily lives. As their name suggests, shrink sleeves shrink down according to the shape of the bottle on the application of heat. Their functional adjustability makes them an ideal choice for packaging. Holostik provides customised shrink sleeves which can incorporate a wide variety of holographic and non-holographic features.

Holostik also manufactures shrink sleeves that come with a holographic strip. It immediately gives a sign of tampering which makes it an ideal product against any kind of duplication. The tamper evident shrink sleeve not just makes the product look appealing but also ensures its safety.

Here are the four points which make shrink sleeve the perfect choice for packaging.

  1. Provides a 360-degree visibility

Unlike other packaging products shrink sleeves can be easily wrapped around a container or a bottle which provides the product a 360-degree branding. This enhances the visibility of your product from all sides.

  1. Can be applied to different shapes of bottles

Due to its property of shrinking down as per the shape of the container makes it applicable on shapes of bottles. Many times, it is not possible to paste labels on bottles which are of odd shapes and sizes. Shrink sleeves can adhere to all types of shapes and makes them stand out from the rest.

  1. Are an eco-friendly option

The use of shrink sleeves causes minimum wastage and keeps you away from the problem of harmful adhesives and other non-eco-friendly concerns.

  1. Safe from abrasion

Shrink sleeves are quite durable and are quite resistant to abrasion. They can easily withstand scratching, tears and other forms of damages.

Holostik provides a variety of shrink sleeves which includes body and neck sleeves with holography, body and neck sleeves with printing and body and neck sleeves with printing and holography.

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