Kolkata Police nabs forgers counterfeiting Rs 500 notes

Recently four persons were arrested from Narkeldanga area in concern with the counterfeiting of Rs 500 notes. Kolkata Police recovered counterfeit notes of both Rs 2000 and Rs 500 after the arrests from Maharani Swarnamoyee Street.

The four alleged persons have been identified as Prashanta Majumdar who hails from Nadia, Md Akram Ali a resident of Tiljala, Anaraul Haque from Malda, Guddu Khureshi from Topsia. The cops have been bewildered as the three people are from Kolkata.

The overall value of the counterfeit currency is around Rs 4.25 lakh. The confiscated notes include 163 Rs 2000 notes and 198 Rs 500 notes. As RBI is taking stringent regulations for the proper flow of Rs 2000, counterfeiters are making more emphasis on faking Rs 500 notes.

Police has revealed that the four men earlier used to bring notes through Malda but recently shifted their routes through Nadia and Assam. Counterfeiters were successfully able to copy 17 security features of the notes which include design, colour, pattern, number pattern, see-through watermark, the picture of Mahatma Gandhi, Swachh Bharat logo and slogan and motif of Mangalyaan.

Source: TOI

fake compostable plastic

Strict action against fake compostable plastic manufacturers

The MPCB (Maharashtra Pollution Control Board) after the order of (Central Pollution Control Board) will take action against the manufacturers who are selling duplicate compostable products. Most manufacturers are running the business without the certificate required for selling compostable carry bags or have counterfeit documents.

Dr SK Nigam Additional Director of CPCB has mentioned the names of such dubious manufacturers in a letter to MPCB. Besides Maharashtra, the manufacturers are from the cities of Chennai, Bengaluru, Ahmadabad, Uttar Pradesh and Delhi.

The state government has implemented the plastic ban in June 2018. The ban was imposed on several plastic products including all plastic and non-woven bags, plastic products, pouches with a capacity of less than 200 ml. However, compostable plastic bags for nurseries, horticulture, agriculture and for solid wastes were exempted from the ban. There are manufacturers who had the mandatory certificate from CPCB to manufacture such bags. But there were many manufacturers who were selling counterfeit compostable plastic bags with the fake tag.

Source: dnaindia.com

Durham Trading Standards clamps down on fake goods

As the post-Christmas bargain is on a high a new scheme has been put into action to battle growing business of fake goods on social media. Durham Trading Standards has launched a new scheme to protect the local customers and small business from illegal items being sold on e-commerce and social media platforms.

The real deal online programme ensures that social media groups do not promote the sale of fake good and other illicit products.

Officers are in touch with the administrators of the group to make them aware of their legal responsibilities and motivate them to follow the real deal rules.

Administrators are asked to allow trading standards officers to join the group and agree to a set of rules including the prohibition of the sale of fake and illegal goods which are:

  • To abide by the information from IP rights owners and their representatives who highlight the sale of fake goods.
  • To notify trading standards if they believe that fake goods are being sold within the group and to exclude the sellers of these goods.
  • To highlight notices and warnings posted by trading standards.
  • To make it sure that all members of the group are aware of its fake free policy.

Source: ITV.com

Holostik’s R&D center gets recognition from Department of Scientific and Industrial Research

In a recent development, Holostik’s research and development centre got recognition from the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research, Ministry of Science and Technology, Govt. of India. With this achievement, Holostik added one more jewel to its crown and has entered in the league of few esteemed companies with the prestigious certification in India.

Holostik’s in-house state-of-the-art research and development centre is located at Rudrapur in Uttarakhand. Inspired by its vision of constant innovation and the use of cutting-edge technology, the R&D centre of excellence has proved its mettle in the world of holographic and other anti-counterfeiting technologies over the years.

Mr U.K. Gupta Chairman and Founder Holostik India Limited expressed his happiness on achieving the new milestone and said that his company would be making pathbreaking innovations for securing brands and products against the problem of counterfeiting. The recognition from Department of Scientific and Industrial Research, Ministry of Science and Technology would not have been possible without the persistent efforts of Mr U.K Gupta and his entire team at Holostik.

In the past Holostik India Limited became the only anti-counterfeiting company to receive CMMI Level 3 certification. Moreover, the company has also earned certifications from Indian Banks’ Association, Agmark, DMF, CRISIL, HSSMS, OHSAS, ISO 9001, 14001, 18001 & 27001. The company is also a member of elite business associations like PHD Chamber of Commerce, ASSOCHAM, CII, ASPA, FICCI, IHMA and others.

Established in the year 1991, Holostik is one of the leaders in providing anti-duplication and packaging solutions. At the pinnacle of success, it is one of the biggest manufacturers of security holograms in the world. The company also provides a gamut of integrated IT-enabled authentication solutions to its customers. Holostik caters to more than 75 countries and has 10,000+ clients from different industries.

Beverly Hills polo club cries out for counterfeit chaos

In a probable first, the Delhi High Court yesterday restrained Amazon Export Sales LLC from selling counterfeit products through its Amazon Global Store on www.amazon.in. The action for trademark infringement has been brought by the global brand Beverly Hills Polo Club against Amazon India and Amazon Export Sales LLC (which operates through the Global Store platform of Amazon).

As a background Beverly Hills Polo earlier, this year had claimed that some of Amazon’s sellers were involved in widespread supply and sale of counterfeit goods. “The defendant shall remove forthwith from its platform any URLs which are pointed out by the plaintiff which are selling products in violation of the plaintiff ’s right,” a July 2018 court ruling said so.

The Delhi High Court has also directed Amazon Export Sales LLC to disclose the details of all its suppliers who provide the counterfeit product stock to the Amazon Global Store for further resale. Beverly Hills Polo Club has dragged Amazon to Court claiming that it was knowingly and directly both selling as well as harbouring counterfeiting activities, which were being actively promoted by its Global Store as well as by third-party sellers on Amazon.in.

“Counterfeiting activities on Amazon have seriously impacted the brand in India. Due to the safe harbour provided to infringers by Amazon, we do not have fair access to the Indian market. Due to the rapid expansion of e-commerce shopping in India, of which Amazon is both credible and dominant in India with the offer of cheap and inferior counterfeit products by Amazon’s own store as well as third parties, the Brand has been impacted. Amazon is clearly abusing its dominant position in the Indian market.

There ought to be check and balances under any law such that rights are not unfairly exploited. Despite our continuing notification to Amazon of infringing activities, sold directly by Amazon, as well as by third-party sellers, Amazon has continued its illegal and abusive practices and actively promoted the sale of counterfeit products,” said, Eli Haddad, Founder & Managing Director, Beverly Hills Polo Club.

Sim and San, Attorneys at Law, represented Beverly Hills Polo Club in the matter.

Source: businesswireindia.com

Apply Delhi high court judgement on e-commerce – asks seller body

According to a judgement by Delhi High Court, last month on counterfeit products sold on ShopClues an association has asked to implement the judgement on the entire e-commerce.  The judgement mentioned that e-commerce was not taking enough steps to curb the sale of counterfeit products. The association of online vendors has written to the government asking for applying guidelines laid out by the court to all e-commerce marketplaces in India.

While complaining against ShopClues the American electronics brand Skullcandy mentioned that its counterfeit products were being sold on the platform. The Delhi High Court has asked the Tiger global based company that it maintains all the necessary guidelines to ensure the authenticity of products on its platform.

However, ShopClues has not responded to specific queries on the steps that were being followed. All India Online Vendors Association has written to the government and the Consumers Affairs Ministry to direct all marketplaces according to the guidelines laid by the law.

Earlier ShopClues has been pulled up for a similar issue of counterfeit products in a judgement where it was barred from selling counterfeit products of French cosmetics company L’Oreal.

Source: Economic Times

Richemont joins Alibaba’s anti-counterfeiting alliance

Switzerland based luxury goods company has joined Alibaba’s anti-counterfeiting alliance whose aim is to secure the intellectual property rights on the e-commerce platform.

For a long time, Richemont has been an anti-duplication crusader which has a strong legal team that monitors watch and jewellery platforms that sell their goods. McDonald’s, General Motors, New Balance and Richemont are the newest global brands to join Alibaba’s anti-counterfeiting alliance. The membership has tripled from the previous 30 founding member brands during its launch in 2017.

Alibaba works with its brand partners to locate and eliminate fakes at their sources. Particularly in the luxury sector Louis Vuitton and Alibaba are one of the first members of AACA conducted an offline investigation which has resulted in the confiscation of fake goods worth $14.4 million.

Alibaba’s Senior Vice President Michael Yao said that the protection of intellectual property rights requires all the stakeholders to work closely together and share their knowledge on the same. The alliance will continue to establish the best industry practices for IP protection by entering into an alliance with brands, platforms and law enforcement.

Net and Mr Porter will open online stores on Alibaba’s luxury pavilion. YNAP and Alibaba said they plan to explore future offerings to enable the JV’s customers to enjoy ‘unique and seamless online and offline shopping experiences’ through digitizing and completely integrating the retail value chain from merchandising and marketing to payments and last mile delivery. The venture will focus on serving the consumers in China which will also extend to Chinese consumers visiting abroad.

Source: WWD.com

counterfeit apple

Korean Police confiscates fake Apple accessories worth $900,000

Apple’s Senior Regional Director for operations Donald Shruhan will visit the Bucheon Sosa Police Station in Bucheon, Gyeonggi to present the plaque to the officers involved in the regional crackdown.

The criminals were distributing counterfeit Apple charging cables and earphones as per the reports of Korean Herald. The fake products are said to have been imported from China and the Police are still working to trace how the goods entered in Korea.

The detained distributors are under investigation due to the suspicions of trademark infringement. Shruhan is presently heading the anti-counterfeiting operations for Apple in China and had previously worked to crackdown on fake Viagra sales.

Duplicate items remain a problem for Apple and other vendors as customers are tricked in to buying counterfeit versions or are tempted by cheap copies that can be dangerous and cause harm to devices and human life.

Source: Appleinsider.com

Holostik showcases its packaging and anti-duplication products at Eastern Print Pack- Kolkata

Holostik which is one of the pioneers of hologram manufacturing and anti-counterfeiting solutions in India displayed its wide range of packaging and anti-duplication solutions at the 5th Eastern Print Pack 2018. Considered as a one-stop solution for the printing industry in Eastern India, the exhibition took place from 30th November to 3rd December 2018 at Science City in Kolkata.

Holostik displayed its latest packaging and anti-duplication solutions at the event which included security holograms, security pouches, holographic wads, shrink sleeves, security labels, wide web films and much more. The company also displayed its highly innovative UV embossed film which is available in metallized and transparent forms. The specialized film can be affixed to mono cartons and can incorporate different features- around 20 generic effects, texture, images and pillar of light.

The grand event witnessed the launch of many new products and solutions and was visited by printers, print buyers, publishers, owners of commercial newspapers, converters, corrugated box manufacturers, production managers, design houses, designers, art directors and production managers of advertisement houses, heads of packaging development departments among others.

labels packaging

Holostik successfully showcases its products at Labelexpo India 2018

Holostik which is one of the pioneers and undisputed leaders of anti-counterfeiting and packaging solutions in India displayed its wide range of products at Labelexpo India 2018. Considered as one of the biggest expositions in the label and package printing industry the event witnessed the presence of bigwigs of label, printing, packaging, anti-counterfeiting and other ancillary industries.

The grand event took place between 22nd November and 25th November 2018 at India Expo Centre & Mart in Greater Noida. The four-day event witnessed a large number of participants along with a record number of visitors.

Holostik’s stall attracted visitors from many industries who were keen to know about different kinds of labels, packaging and anti-counterfeiting solutions. Holostik also showcased its star product at the event which is a specialized UV-embossed film available in metallized and transparent forms. The film can incorporate a large number of designs and security features which not just makes it aesthetically unique but also highly secure.

Holostik aims to secure various kinds of products from the menace of counterfeiting and help companies achieve their targeted growth. The packaging and anti-duplication products displayed by Holostik at the event included security labels, packaging films, security holograms and other anti-duplication solutions.