Counterfeit coconut oil

Counterfeit coconut oil contains essence and edible oil

Due to the rising demand for coconut oil, there has been a rise in counterfeiting of coconut oil. Edible oils are mixed with the essence of coconut oil which has become a common practice. Forgers often misuse the blending license to sell edible blended oil with coconut oil. Lately, the food regulatory authority has initiated campaigns to check the authenticity of such oils.

Some edible oil companies have the license to sell edible oils mixed with coconut oil in a certain ratio. However, the food safety wing has charged certain edible oil companies who are selling their product in a misleading way.

They have discovered that the essences of coconut are being used to make fake coconut oil. The high level of the aroma of blended oils with less coconut oil has raised the suspicion. But no complaints have been registered as of yet in this regard.

Some companies have printed details of blending ration in this regard on the packaging, but the overall picture is quite misleading. Based on the complaints received in this regard food safety department has charged 10 cases.

According to food regulation if coconut oil is blended with edible oil then the product should be labelled as edible oil on the packet. Most consumers are not able to find this fact as it often printed in fine print on the packet. Many coconut brands have been banned after their products were found to be adulterated. Anil Kumar Joint Commissioner Food Safety Department has said that more inspection needs to carried out in this regard so that consumers cannot mislead the consumers.

Source: Mathrubhumi