Beware of counterfeit sweets this festive season

India is a land of many festivals and people love to celebrate with full fervour and merriment. And when it’s the time for celebration people in India love to spend a lot. Among the many things which we generally buy during festivals, sweets hold a distinct place. More to it we Indians have a natural sweet tooth and there is a rise in demand for sweets available in the market during the festive season.

Due to the rise in demand for sweets, shopkeepers use all kinds of harmful products and chemicals as ingredients in the raw material used for manufacturing sweets. Since most of the Indian sweets are made of milk there are high chances that most sweet manufacturers use adulterated and cheap quality milk which is adulterated with chemicals like urea, Vanaspati ghee, refined oil and even strange products like hair shampoo.

Sweets which are not milk based use other cheap quality materials for making sweets like poor quality refined flour, cheap chickpea flour and fake Vanaspati Ghee. Just imagine what is the amount of production cost involved in these kinds of sweets and what is the final quality. Most of the times these kinds of sweets might taste good and even are addictive, but the fact is that they cause different ailments of the stomach like nausea, indigestion, vomiting and food poisoning many times. Shopkeepers employ deceitful tactics to befool the consumers during the festive season with poor quality highly adulterated sweets.

So, what’s the best way to ensure your safety against such counterfeit sweets? Buy sweets from recognized brands and not some street-side shops. This may cost you a bit more but finally its much safer. Secondly, try to avoid milk-based sweets as they have much higher chances of adulteration with more side effects.