“Amazon has failed to remove enough fake reviews”, cautions watchdog

According to an international watchdog, “International retail giant Amazon is removing a large amount of fake and suspicious reviews that dupe the consumers into buying cheap grade products.”

The watchdog discovered that Amazon had removed 78,0000 reviews for technology products over the last three years. However, it said the number was not enough to address the problem.

The watchdog found that around 12,000 reviews for the headphones category were from an unverified purchaser and had suspicious high five-star ratings. The watchdog also found out that ‘tens of thousands’ of fake reviews on around 20 products.

In the month of March, the number of unverified reviews on Amazon rose by nearly 300% as compared to previous months with average star ratings of unverified reviews at 4.95 out of five. The watchdog has warned that the rising numbers of unverified positive product reviews could indicate that the product’s overall rating is being manipulated by fake reviews.

As per an estimate by Competition and Markets Authority £23 billion of annual consumer spending is influenced by online reviews and has warned that fake reviews could lead to criminal action.

Source: Bloomberg.com