Major clamp down on fake shirts, shoes and watches

In a recent development bureau of customs destroyed fake shoes, six Rolex wristwatches and soaps having a total value of PHP 1.80 million. The incident took place in Camp Crame, Quezon City in the Philippines. The clampdown and destruction of fake goods marked the celebration of National Intellectual Property Rights Month.

As per the statement issued by the customs officials, the counterfeit products seized and destroyed from various areas were a result of ongoing efforts to secure the country’s border from counterfeit and pirated goods. Among the many confiscated fake products, six counterfeit Rolex watches came from Thailand. The items were found inside the luggage of a passenger caught in the X-ray images.

The assorted counterfeit shoes and soaps came from the operation conducted by operatives from the intellectual property rights division a part of the intelligence group. Some other items destroyed in the anti-counterfeiting operation were fake cigarettes, bags, wallets, phone accessories, shirts, belts, CDs among others.

The import of fake goods is restricted under Republic Act No. 8293 known as the ‘Intellectual Property Code of the Philippines. Commissioner Rey Leonardo Guerrero vowed to secure the country’s border and protect local buyers against counterfeit products.


Delhi court orders sealing of counterfeit footwear goods

A large number of counterfeit Puma products, worth 20 lakh were seized after the intervention of Delhi court.  The products were identified and sealed in parts of Sahibabad and Ghaziabad. The matter came to light when counsel for Puma, Shashi P Ojha approached the court seeking an ex-parte injunction and ex-parte appointment of a local commissioner on account of “infringement of trademark”.

In October Ojha had approached the court and said that if the relief is not given to the company then it will suffer an irreparable loss and injury as the offender was selling company’s goods using its trademarks.

After hearing the submission, Additional District Judge Anil Antil said that the plaintiff has been successful in making out a good prima facie case in its favour for grant of ex-parte injunction and appointment of the local commissioner. The judge also said that the defendant is prohibited to manufacture, supply and sell counterfeit goods which includes shoes, slippers and other accessories under the Puma logo.

The court also appointed advocate Rajnish Jha as the local commissioner in the case. Rajnish Jha also inspected the premises of the defendant near Tulsi Niketan, Bhopura Police Chowki, Ghaziabad UP. In his report, Jha said that there were fake 5754 packing material labels and 876 shoes with Puma stickers along with other goods.

Jha also said that goods with Puma logo were seized by him. The complete seizure and sealing was done by him and was handed to the defendant mentioning that the confiscated items should not be tampered without the permission of the court. The calculated value of the products seized was around 20 lakhs.

Source: Indian Express


Best Tips to Spot First Copy Products From Originals

It’s few out of every odd day that one can manage the cost of a very expensive thing. It needs a considerable measure of devotion and diligent work to acquire one. That is the motivation behind why an individual need to ensure that when he is spending such a great amount to purchase a specific luxury product, the item is for sure unique and not counterfeit. Basically, nobody likes to pay mammoths measure of cash just to get an identical yet counterfeit duplicate of the first. It resembles being conned for the cash you earned so hard! Continue reading “Best Tips to Spot First Copy Products From Originals”