Holostik exhibits its products and solutions at Automotive Engineering Show in Chennai

Holostik which is one of the pioneers of hologram manufacturing and anti-counterfeiting solutions in India displayed its wide range of packaging and anti-duplication solutions at the Automotive Engineering Show-Chennai. Considered as a one-stop solution for the automotive industry in India, the exhibition took place from 4th July to 6th July 2019 at Chennai Trade Centre in Chennai.

Holostik displayed its latest packaging and anti-duplication solutions at the event which included security holograms, security pouches, holographic wads, shrink sleeves, security labels, wide web films and much more.

The company also displayed its cutting-edge IT-enabled supply chain management solution which not just secure the products and supply chain but also help in the monitoring and management of supply chains. Some of the IT-enabled solutions offered by the company include inventory management, loyalty management, warranty management, track, and trace, etc.

The grand event was visited by automotive manufacturers, retailers, consumers, research professionals and people from the press. With Chennai being called as the ‘Detroit of India’ the event brought the leading industry players on a single platform.

Holostik aims to secure various kinds of products from the menace of counterfeiting and help companies achieve their targeted growth. Participants at the event witnessed and understood the uses and benefits of different kinds of packaging and anti-duplication solutions.

Why holography plays a dominant role in product packaging?

Holography not just helps in securing the product against duplication but also helps in making the product highly attractive for the end-consumer. In a highly competitive market product manufacturers leave no stone unturned to attract potential consumers and retain loyal ones. Holograms and other holographic packaging products are an effective way to catch the attention of consumers. There is also a wide scope of innovation in security holograms.

Some examples include new printing techniques, innovative embossing processes along with a plethora of 3D visual effects and features which can be incorporated in the holograms.

Security holograms can also encompass other anti-tampering, covert, overt, forensic and digital features which substantially increases its effectiveness in packaging.

Another widely used packaging product is the holographic wide web film which is used for a wide variety of flexible applications. Holographic wide web films are used for printing, making gift wraps, lamination, product packaging and enticing marketing stickers. This holographic product helps in reinforcing brand identities, capturing customer attention and bringing new life to mature or ageing pack design.

Of late, there is a high demand for many other holographic security and packaging products. Some of them include holographic security pouches, holographic wads/liners, holographic shrink sleeves, holographic tax stamps, holographic stamping foil and holographic security labels.

Holostik is one of the global leaders in the anti-counterfeiting and packaging industry and provides different holographic products in a customized format as per the need of the consumers. Each of these holographic products is used by different industries and has different applications. However holographic products can also serve multiple purposes of providing security and aesthetic appeal to the product.

Holostik has also made a revolutionary change in product packaging with the incorporation of bar codes/QR codes on most of the holographic products with exceptions like hot stamping foil. Holostik strongly believes that physical and digital technologies are complementary to each other and are not competing.

anti-counterfeit solutions security holograms

Affordable and effective anti-counterfeit solutions- Security Holograms

The market is flooded with all sorts of counterfeit products. The local stores, street side vendors, e-commerce portals are all infested with the menace of counterfeits. Time and again, we hear news pertaining to the huge monetary losses due to counterfeits. Counterfeiting has entered into every industry and nobody benefits from it, except forgers. When counterfeits reach in the markets consumers buy thinking of them as real products. Surprisingly, they are made to believe that the products they are buying are original. Besides, befooling the consumer of their hard-earned money they are also harmful to the health.

Perhaps, the biggest onslaught of counterfeiting is faced by legitimate manufacturers. Their branded stuff is sold at the cost of peanuts which further wreaks havoc on their sales and growth. Regardless of regular seizures of fake products, retailers usually sell them due to extra benefits.

Despite having strict and stringent litigation, laws and rights against the counterfeiters for safeguarding the Intellectual Property Rights, the counterfeiters always come out with easy options to continue their unlawful businesses successfully.

The main challenge which arises amidst this scenario is that how does one protect their products and brand image from duplication? Well, the best answer to this is the effective use of security holograms.

Security holograms are the perfect anti-duplication products that have come a long way in fighting duplication. The low-cost security devices with unique designs are off late being used by manufacturers for securing their products. Security Holograms are used in different sectors. They have emerged as one of the best and cost-effective devices to counter duplication.

The main benefits of holograms are as follows:

  • They are affordable and easy to apply
  • The tamper evident feature of security holograms ensures that if any attempt for opening the product is made, then it is easily visible.
  • Exhibits multiple security features and functions
  • An additional layer to secure your products
  • Made using advanced technologies, hence very difficult and expensive for counterfeiters to copy.
  • Manages the supply chain effectively when paired with QR code or barcode.
  • Demotivates counterfeiters to replicate your product.

Holostik has been the leader in providing security holograms and other anti-counterfeiting products and solutions from the last 27 years. We make tailor-made holograms suiting your needs and requirements. We have holograms for all your products, needs and requirements. You name it, we have it.

What are the benefits of holographic packaging for your products?

Whenever you purchase a luxury product you are left gobsmacked by the enticing and intriguing packaging. As you unwrap each layer of the packaging your excitement spikes up. Packaging plays an important role in the brand image of your product. Consider some of the biggest brands on the planet like Google, Amazon, Unilever, Prada etc. they all have one thing in common and that is an exceptional packaging.

The rise of the packaging industry

With a steady increase in e-commerce, social media and ‘internet of things’ packaging has come to the forefront when it comes to showcasing your product and your company that’s why packaging is often considered as the first communicator of the company. Brands are using different kinds of packaging formats in order to make their products more saleable and attractive.

Holographic Packaging

Perhaps, the biggest innovation in the field of packaging is the use of holography.  The technology of holography which uses interference of light beams to create three-dimensional images became highly popular in the 1980s. Over the years, there has been a growth in the use of holography in packaging. According to a trade report, “The global holographic films market is expected to be valued more than US$ 11,000 million by the end of 2024.

Holostik’s holographic products

Holostik is one of the leading manufacturers of holographic security and packaging products like security holograms, wide web films, security pouches, shrink sleeves, hot stamping foil and security labels.

What makes Holostik’s holographic packaging stand out in the market? Here are three main benefits it provides to your product:

  • Secures your product against counterfeiting and tampering: Holographic products like security holograms, holographic labels and wide web films protect your brand against duplication. Holostik’s holographic products can include different types of overt, covert and forensic features which add multiple layers of security to the packaging of the product.
  • Enhances point of sale visibility: Besides providing anti-duplication qualities holographic packaging makes the product look unique and makes it stand out on the shelf. The light reflecting properties catches the eye of a consumer in instants, compared to normal packaging.
  • Offers flexibility in packaging: Holographic packaging can be used for a wide variety of products and can also encompass digital security features like QR codes and barcodes.

Holostik offers a wide range of holographic anti-counterfeiting and packaging solutions to different industries. To know more get in touch with us now.

Stay away from fake cosmetic whitening creams

“Mirror mirror on the wall who is the fairest of them all.” Most of you would be aware of this famous line from the classic fable ‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.’ Surprisingly, this line is turning out to be true and there is a growing rage among women and men to have fairer skin.

We are constantly swarmed by social media images of angelic white men and women flaunting beauty like never seen before, in the real world. We crave for the glaring skin tones of our favourite celebrities. For us, dark skin has become a sign of disgrace and ugliness.

To get fairer skin people have been using cosmetics, skin surgeries and medicines. Among these, the most famous is the use of cosmetic products. There is a growing demand for skin whitening creams and different cosmetic brands have launched the same.

However, the rise in demand of such creams has also led to the growth of counterfeits. Flea markets, e-commerce websites, street shops and even e-commerce space is filled with fake skin whitening creams.

Besides duping the consumer of their money fake skin whitening creams cause damage to the skin. Lately, the use of fake skin whitening creams have caused skin allergies, skin infections, blisters, acne, pimples and other anomalies of the skin. Fake skin whitening creams usually contain toxic chemicals which are quite harmful to the skin in the long run.

While it’s difficult to identify between original and fakes cosmetics manufacturers can use security holograms, security labels, holographic packaging, QR codes and other security measures to deter the copying of original products. Holostik provides cutting edge anti-duplication and packaging solutions to different industries for safeguarding their products against duplication. So, if you are a cosmetic manufacturer and want to save your profits and brand image against duplication get in touch with us now.

The perfect combination of holographic and digital security against duplication

Counterfeiters have devised unique ways of making duplicate products. Besides making fakes look visually similar to the original products they also copy its packaging and branding. This makes it tough for retailers and consumers to identify them in one go.

The problem usually stems from the easy availability of manufacturing technology, poor regulations and the involvement of organised crime syndicates which makes it highly possible for the duplication of products.

However, with the evolution of anti-duplication technology, it has become challenging for forgers to copy your product and sneak into your profits. Different kinds of anti-counterfeiting technologies (overt, covert, forensic and digital) are being used nowadays to counter duplication. But, the most prominent ones are holographic and digital technologies which are used across different industries.

Holostik is one of the pioneers in the field of anti-duplication in India. Since 1991, the company has been providing a range of anti-duplication and packaging solutions. It also provides IT-enabled solutions which not just secure your product but also manage the entire supply chain.

Holostik is also one of the largest manufacturers of security holograms in the world. 3D security holograms provide an easy and affordable solution for product authentication. The light diffraction property of the holograms and the potential to incorporate different overt, covert and forensic features makes security holograms one of the most popular choices of companies to secure their products and brands.

Moving a step ahead in product authentication, Holostik has amalgamated the power of security holograms and QR code in a single security instrument. While security holograms are meant for physical authentication, the QR code is used for digital authentication along with a host of other IT solutions which include track& trace, inventory management, reward management etc. The biggest advantage of this impeccable combination is that even if a counterfeiter is able to copy one technology then he will not be able to copy the other. It’s just like providing multiple layers of security to the product and thus reducing the chances of possible duplication

Holostik believes that in today’s market different anti-counterfeiting technologies are not competing but are complementary to each other. Taking a cue from this the company offers a combination of physical or holographic security and digital security which serves as the best anti-counterfeiting solution against the menace of duplication.

Google product boxes

Now anti-counterfeiting labels on Google’s product boxes

There is a piece of good news for people buying Google product boxes. New product boxes of the company would come with a reflective anti-counterfeiting sticker. This will ensure the genuineness of an original Google product. There has been a rise in the counterfeiting of electronics and communication devices. Due to the same consumers suffer a lot and lose their money and trust in different brands.

Different support pages related to reporting fake on the internet were added back in July which created an awareness about the issue. In 2018 it would be much easier to identify a counterfeit item. A genuine Google product will have a reflective ‘G’ sticker somewhere on the box. It will look as silver when you will see it straight upfront whereas it will change colour when seen from a different angle. The sticker cannot be peeled off easily and it would hint towards something illicit if you see marks on the corner.

Google has said that all the products launched in 2018 will have a label. So, if you are concerned about the genuineness of Google product then you have a breath of sigh as you can check the reflecting label affixed to the product’s box.