We have been using Holostik’s security holograms, wads, shrink sleeves with QR codes for brand protection and security purposes. As a result of implementing these solutions , we have increased revenue by up tp 250%. Apart from remarkable quality of the products, Holostik has stood firm on their commitment by maintaining supreme quality standards.

Anti-counterfeiting solutions from Holostik have enabled us to prevent duplication, launch loyalty schemes, create customer database and much more. We are witnessing a surge in sales and profits and our consumers have increased manifold. We are proud to be among the list of top 20 players in our industry.

Our annual profits have increased by 64%. We are astonished to see such amazing results. Holostik helped us to identify gaps in our product packaging and supply chain. Ever since, they provided us with customized smart packaging solutions, there has been a reduction in duplication of our products.

We are highly satisfied to see a drastic drop in duplication of our products. Our revenue has increased by 73% in the last six months. This tremendous growth would not have been possible without smart QR code enabled labels from Holostik. The labels helped us to easily authenticate and track our products in the supply chain.

We are happy to see our sales grow by 34%. In addition, we are delighted to get positive feedbacks from our consumers. Digital smart packaging solutions from Holostik have not just secured our products but also our supply chain. We can now easily track our products right from manufacturing till end-consumers.

Holostik’s smart packaging solutions have boosted our product security and brand image in the market. With supply chain visibility, we can now easily track our products in the supply chain. We are satisfied to see a drop of 90% in incidents related to product duplication.

There has been a 41% increase in our product sales. The customized loyalty management system from Holostik has increased the number of our new customers. Our loyalty schemes can now be availed easily and quickly without the mess of paperwork.

With the help of Holostik’s phygital (physical + digital) solutions, we witnessed a 57% revenue growth. Holostik helped us to effectively counter product duplication. With increased profits we are now happy to launch new products in the market.