When Bhuvan Had a Frightening Experience with a Fake MCB

Counterfeiting Story

Every house requires regular maintenance in terms of cleaning, painting, fixing and most importantly electrical repairing. One day without electricity and life just slows down. In the present time, 90% of our household chores are dependent on electricity directly or indirectly.

Bhuvan was facing some issues with his house electricals especially with the miniature circuit breaker commonly known as MCB. We all know the function of an MCB and how dangerous a faulty MCB could be.  He too was aware of the same and immediately got it changed as soon as he realised that it could have some serious consequences.

He purchased an MCB of a renowned brand and hired a professional to install the same.

One Sunday afternoon, when everybody was taking a short nap after lunch, a peculiar burning smell filled the house. Bhuvan immediately woke up with the pungent smell and rushed to know exactly what had happened and where!

To his utter terror, the electric panel of his house had caught fire. There were sparks all over and the fire was just increasing its territory.

Bhuvan created noise and woke everybody up and took their help to hold on the fire. They managed to extinguish the fire with an extinguisher and sand.

As soon as he regained all his senses, he called up an electrician. The electrician informed him that because of intense heat and the overload, there was over-heating. But the MCB failed to trip and caught fire and created a short circuit which then amplified to the entire panel.

What he told next, swept the ground from Bhuvan’s feet.

He said that the MCB they have used is not original and a counterfeit and this was the reason for its failure to trip on overheating.

Bhuvan was taken aback but thanked God that everybody was safe and sound in spite of the dreadful accident that took place.

He then went to his friend’s shop who owns a big electronic store in the most popular markets of the city and shared the incident with him. To his surprise, his friend was not surprised and said that majority of the electricals sold in the market are counterfeits!

Bhuvan was speechless and could only imagine the intensity of accidents and horrific consequences these fake counterfeits will cause to the users and would have caused till date.

According to a report by FICCI CASCADE, Counterfeit electronics product market is growing two times as fast as the genuine products! It has been reported that counterfeit electronics have failed to perform under normal to critical situations.

So, be double sure before dealing with any sort of electronics and electricals and stay safe.

(Based on inputs from Bhuvan Tyagi, Resident, West Delhi)

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