When Buying an SD Card Gave Tough Times to Sandeep

Counterfeiting Story

Sandeep was planning to buy an SD card for very long now. His phone memory was almost full and he was always short of storage space. When deleting extra files like photos and apps from the phone stopped doing any good, he knew the time has come.

After understanding his phone and data requirements, he decided to buy additional storage space for his phone. He ordered the same from a leading e-seller; without knowing that he will always regret this decision!

Finally, when the card arrived, Sandeep was more than relieved thinking that he can now keep a lot of files without having to delete the old ones. Unfortunately, the relief could not last long.

The next two-three days, Sandeep took many pictures, downloaded songs and videos and kept on storing them in his newly owned card. When the memory was almost full, he decided to copy the contents on his computer.

To his utter shock and disbelief, he couldn’t find any of it!

He attempted again and again but it failed all the times. Not only, did he lose the money spent but all the priceless images and important official files that he had stored on the SD card.

Not wasting any time, he rushed to the Samsung Store and complained about the same. He was infuriated to know that the product was a counterfeit and Made in Taiwan and was not an original Samsung product.

Left with no choice, he wrote to the e-seller and complained about the receipt of counterfeit good from them. The seller wrote back and assured that they would take necessary action and would revert within 72 hours.

Unfortunately, the 72-hour time period lasted for about 45 days with a series of non-stop communication in the form of written emails between Sandeep and the e-commerce website.

When he couldn’t take it anymore, he threatened to take them to consumer court. And as expected, the refund came back to his account within a few days. 

The incident leaves Sandeep completely displeased and raised one question for all of us. Was all this pain, wastage of time, energy and money required? When simple things like SD card can be counterfeited and reaps huge profit revenues for its manufacturers, how much would a luxury item get in return?

Well, we leave you on that thinking note until we come up with another scary counterfeit experience!

(Based on inputs from Sandeep Kumar, Resident, South Delhi)

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