Why Holostik?

Over 3 decades of experience
Complete in-house capabilities
Physical and digital layers of security
High return-on-investment
Dedicated R&D and innovation lab

Over 3 decades of experience

Holostik was the first company in India to manufacture security holograms in 1991 with the inception of its first manufacturing plant.

Complete in-house capabilities

Holostik has end-to-end in-house capabilities for R&D, product design, manufacturing and IT development.

Physical and digital layers of security

Holostik is the only player in India that provides combined security features of overt, covert and digital elements in a single product.

High return-on-investment

Our clients have experienced an ROI of up to 339% on our anti-counterfeiting products.

Dedicated R&D and innovation lab

We invest a minimum of 5% of our annual budget on research and development.

  • 24/7 electronic surveillance at all our manufacturing facilities
  • UV-embossing, soft embossing, hard embossing and metallization capabilities under one roof
  • Dedicated design team to create unique, mass-appeal product designs

Industry Pioneers

Holostik has been the founding member of Authentication Solutions Providers’ Association (ASPA) earlier known as HOMAI. CMD, Holostik has led the chair as President of the association for the better part of the last two decades.

Holostik has also been a valued member of the International Hologram Manufactures Association IHMA and has represented Asia-Pacific on its board under the leadership of Mr. UK Gupta as Board Director Asia.

Over 10,000 satisfied clients
Global presence in over 90 countries
5 state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities
1st CMMI Level-3 certified
750+ members dedicated workforce

Our manufacturing capabilities are reinforced with over 3 decades of testing and constant innovation

Proven expertise in R&D, IT development and production quality in food, pharma and government domains.

ISO 9001

Quality Management
ISO 27001

Information Safety Management
ISO 14001

Environmental Management
ISO 18001

Occupational Health & Safety Management
ISO 14298

Graphic Technology-Management of security printing processes

Tailored to your Industry

With an ever-growing economy, India's top manufacture rely on us for product security and supply chain management.

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