Products without digital security are highly susceptible to duplication

Did you know around 20% of your profits are being eaten by counterfeiters?

Absence of smart authentication risks security of supply chains leading to revenue loss

Packaging without smart authentication can be easily copied resulting in loss of brand equity

Lack of digital authentication increases the chance of product diversion, tampering & adulteration

Your customers fail to authenticate products at their end which results in loss of trust

Holostik digital product authentication strengthens the supply chain & prevents duplication

Quick and accurate product authentication at any point in the supply chain

Integration of physical security & digital authentication to maximize product security

Complete inhouse development of product & IT solutions, with 24x7 surveillance

Secure and encrypted serialization to prevent duplication & boost product sales

Technological compliance with GS1 standards which meets international requirements

Seamless service & bug-free application ensures high level productivity & profits

Why you should choose Holostik Digital Product Authentication

Holostik is a global leader in providing physical and digital security solutions under one roof. Our digital security solutions not just ensure product authentication but also other supply chain management solutions.

CMMI Level 3 certification in digital solutions ensures high quality of end products

99.9% cloud uptime ensures uninterrupted service resulting in efficient workload management

Smart features to increase consumer engagement result in repeat sales & better brand perception

Seamless integration with existing ERP, CRM and BI tools saves time and investment

Robust pan-India presence to provide prompt service round the clock helps timely deliver solutions

30+ years of expertise in helping brands stay ahead of counterfeiters and forgers

Globally Recognized

Tailored to your Industry

With an ever-growing economy, India's top manufactures rely on us for product security and supply chain management.


What Our Clients Say

Evaluating Product Authentication Solutions For Your Products?

Read our free case study — 12 pages jam-packed with practical guidelines you could adopt when evaluating supply chain and product authentication solutions providers in India.

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