Does your hot stamping foil secure the product and enhance its aesthetics for high visibility?

Absence of holography in hot stamping foil makes it prone to duplication, risking the security of your documents, credit cards, government ids, licences etc.

Generic hot stamping foil without aesthetic features fail to grab the attention of consumers resulting in low sales

Lack of technical capability to fine tune hot stamping foil as per your stamping machine is a waste of investment

Absence of scan marks in hot stamping foil prevent its uniform application on substrate resulting in shabby appearance

Holostik holographic hot stamping foils provide security & aesthetics resulting in high sales and increased brand value

Hot Stamping foils with holographic features prevent forgery of government ids, cards, documents, products ensuring their optimum safety

Highly aesthetic holographic hot stamping foils increase visual appeal of your products boosting sales & brand value

4th generation nano optical holography ensures maximum security & visual appeal which differentiate your products from others

Can be easily verified to determine genuineness of your product by different stakeholders in the supply chain

Over 30 visible & invisible security features guarantee safety of your documents, ids, credit cards, debit cards and other applications

Scan marks in hot stamping foil enables accurate & uniform application of the image on the substrate

Why you should choose Holostik Holographic Hot Stamping Foils

Holostik provides premium quality holographic hot stamping foil for your product packaging. Made with high quality raw materials our stamping foils prevent counterfeiting, withstand harsh environment, and attract consumer attention which ultimately boost your company growth.
Used for wide variety of applications which include confidential documents, credit cards, debit cards, government ids, product labels, apparels etc.

One of the largest global manufacturers of holographic products

Founder member of HoMAI now ASPA (Authentication Solutions Providers’ Association)

Highly customizable to your brand’s diverse packaging needs

Holostik Chairman awarded Brian Monaghan Award from the Global Authority on Holography- IHMA

24x7 surveillance ensures security of your assets, logos, trademarks etc.

Durable, sustainable, and cost-effective product as per global standards


Globally Recognized


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Evaluating Holographic Hot Stamping Foils For Your Products?

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