Revenue stamps without security features leads to duplication and evasion of taxes

Unsecured revenue stamps lead to sale of fake liquor resulting in hooch related deaths

Revenue stamps with only digital security are futile for authentication in far flung areas without electricity

Unsecured revenue stamps increase government expenditure in providing security to liquor and tobacco industry

Revenue stamps without layered digital technologies make tax collection prone to errors

Holostik revenue stamps prevent duplication & simplifies excise collection

Holography in revenue stamps makes product authentication easy for enforcement agencies

Digital tracking enables easy monitoring of inventory in supply chain minimizing product duplication

Saves government expenditure on security budget for ensuring integrity of liquor products

Counters the threat of sale of fake liquor reducing chances of hooch tragedies

Machine readable encrypted code for instant & secure verification blocks widespread duplication

Highly durable material of revenue stamp prevents tampering in the supply chain

Why you should choose Holostik Revenue Stamps

Holostik is the leading supplier of highly secure revenue stamps to leading state excise authorities and government organizations. Revenue stamps provided by us have played an indispensable role in excise collection, prevention of duplication and hooch incidents. With a DSIR (Government of India) and CMMI Level 3 certifications we maintain highest quality standards in all our solutions. We are backed by a team of anti-counterfeit professionals who deeply analyze your challenges and provide feasible solutions for the same.

Undisputed leaders in four generations of holographic technology in India

Capability to provide nano optical holographic images with a resolution of more than 6 lacs dpi

Seamless integration with in-built supply chain visibility features for enhanced growth

All physical and digital layers of security are developed inhouse, under 24x7 surveillance

Technology to integrate physical and digital security in a revenue stamp for better performance

Highly aesthetic and sophisticated designs to increase the brand value of the liquor products


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Evaluating Revenue Stamps For Your Liquor Products?

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