Lack of security printing features in your products or documents can make your business prone to counterfeiting resulting in forgeries, thefts, and breach of confidentiality

Government documents and product labels without security printing features can be easily copied by forgers leading to monetary losses

Government documents without security printing can result in the leak of highly confidential information

Forgers can easily manipulate information in your documents if they are not secured with security printing features

Absence of security printing features can bring down consumer trust and negatively impact your brand image

Holostik security printing solutions help secure documents and products in banking, education, government, and other sectors

Advanced varieties of security inks with high counterfeit resilience to prevent forgery and replication ensuring security of your documents & products

Sophisticated design patterns that cannot be replicated resulting in high security of your assets

Multi-level security features customized for banks and institutions prevents duplication and monetary losses

Complex verifiable numbering and data printing for increased security and safety of confidential documents and assets

High quality prints with zero compromise on colour, shade, effect, or raw materials for high durability

Integration with physical and digital technologies to ensure optimum security and high supply chain visibility

Why you should choose Holostik Security Printing

As a leading hologram manufacturer, Holostik incorporates the best security printing features in its solutions. We use high-quality inks, solvents and adhesives which renders optimum security printing quality. Our team of expert graphic designers and visualists use advanced software to deliver complex patterns, designs, logos, and other typographic elements. Our hologram stickers and other solutions can be embedded with unique security printing features finally adding to the security and aesthetic value.

IBA security printing certification ensures high security printing in documents and labels

Dedicated in-house design and artwork team to create unique and sophisticated designs that cannot be replicated

Fast turnaround time with the help of software management systems

Use of high-quality inks, solvents, adhesives ensure supreme quality end product

European standard machines with up to 12 colour high quality printing capabilities ensure optimum quality of end product

Prestigious and reputed member of renowned label organisation like LMAI


Globally Recognized


What Our Clients Say

Evaluating Security Printing Service Providers For Your Business?

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