Are your products or documents safe from forgers? Which security printing measure have you taken to prevent your products/documents from falling into the wrong hands? Lack of security features in your product’s packaging can lead to counterfeiting, adulteration, forgery, poor sales, and a ruined brand image.


Security printing technology makes your products and documents safe from any form of illegal handling and also adds a visual appeal. In this blog, we discuss the benefits of using our security printing in product packaging and documents.

1. Security printing secures your product’s packaging from counterfeiting & tampering

One of the best applications of security printing is a currency note. It includes elements like watermarks, holograms, security designs, micro text, guilloches patterns, security inks, serial numbers, and much more. Similar features can be implemented in packaging products like labels, shrink sleeves, cartons, packaging tapes, lamination films, and other packaging solutions.


The combination of different security printing features in packaging makes products highly safe from duplication. Holostik’s advanced graphics design lab implements customized prepress security features in packaging solutions through advanced graphic software. We provide holographic hot stamping or holographic transfer on packaging solutions making them infallible against duplication. Our nano-optical image holograms require a microscope for authentication and cannot be copied by any reprographic techniques. We ensure that your products remain safe from duplication and tampering.


“Holostik has the capability to execute security printing on paper and polymer substrates that can be designed and manufactured with special features and considerations to secure products and documents.”

2. Security printing safeguards important documents from replication & forgery

Documents like educational certificates, stock certificates, non-judicial stamp papers, identity cards, and other such important records are critical for the security and safety of business organizations, consumers, educational, financial institutes, individuals, and associations.


Any attempts of forgery or tampering with these documents can cause monetary losses, breach confidentiality, and risk integrity. Security printing features like holograms, guilloche patterns, watermarks, UV security fibers, complex verifiable numbering, and barcodes provide high security to important documents. Forgers have a hard time copying products and documents that have different security printing elements embedded together.


“Holostik has IBA security printing certification that ensures high-security printing in documents and labels.”

3. Enhance the aesthetic value of the product packaging

Security printing also adds visual appeal to the product packaging and documents. The use of artworks, colors, and graphic elements play an important role in attracting the consumer to the market shelf.  Different market reports suggest that buyers are attracted to products that have visually attractive packaging. Our team of internal art designers can implement the best aesthetic designs in product packaging.


We are equipped with European standard machines with up to 12 color high-quality printing capabilities to ensure optimum quality of end product. We use high-quality inks with zero compromises on color, shade, effect, or raw materials for higher durability.


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