Holographic foils can add value to any product. Since product packaging holds supreme importance, holographic foil can instantly add a touch of exclusiveness and uniqueness to the brand, which further helps with brand awareness.


The application of holographic hot foils involves machines that use pressure and heat to leave a stamp onto the foil. These are utilized with a variety of substrates, including paper and plastic for aesthetic purposes and anti-counterfeiting.


Holographic hot stamping foil is often regarded as an important part of the design, and the demand for these has escalated invariably.

What Is Foil Stamping?

In the simplest terms, foil stamping can be referred to as the presidia, with the help of which metallic prints and foils are applied on a host of substances like paper or cards, usually involving heated die and pressure. The best part about this procedure is that numerous textures can be introduced. Be it a glossy finish, a metallic one or even matte, everything can be ensured to perfection.


Holographic hot stamping foil is different from that of pad printing or even silk screening for that matter. It is usually absolute for the product deep surface because the procedure does not use ink, which means it remains unaffected by the texture or color of the medium.


This process is not very new and has been in vogue for centuries now. The most common practice with this process was to make cards for birthdays or even for invitations. However, with time the process has become more formalized, and hence a lot of innovations have slowly made their way to the list.

Where is Hologram Hot Stamping Foil Used?

We have already discussed in detail the process of hot stamping foil holograms is not new, and hence it involves multiple implications. Some of the most common ones are:

  • Widely used for certificates and can easily be transferred on the certificate for easy registration as well.
  • Perfect for ID cards. They are used for having the security factor enhanced on any identity card.
  • Hot stamping foils are widely used for branding purposes and can be found on labels, cartons, tickets etc.

What Is the Process of Hot Foil Stamping?

In theory, hot foil stamping involves applying metallic foil or holograms to materials such as light papers, carton boards, laminated boards, plastics, and corrugated boards using heat and pressure.

The term “hot foil stamping” refers to the following:

  • Foil stamping on a flat surface
  • Application of holograms and holographic foil
  • Combining foil stamping with micro and structural embossing
  • Foil stamping with embossing as well as the deep variant.

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