A folding carton is an intelligent packaging option used in multiple industries such as FMCG, Liquor, Electronics, Fashion, Beauty, Automobile, Agro, E-commerce and others. However, not all cartons are made in the same way. Although they share the same basic structure, an ideal folding carton must be able to secure, educate, convey value, and fulfil the brand’s promise.


Let’s look at how 3D mono cartons can transform an ordinary product packaging into an extraordinary one.


“Among the tons of positive affirmations making the folding cartons a necessity, the most prominent ones are aesthetics and security.”


Without good aesthetics, there is no impression upon the buying psychology of the consumers. It hampers business growth. Hence, the manufacturers’ need for an aesthetically designed carton box is prevalent to showcase their products in the best ways possible.


3D Mono Cartons help businesses in getting the attention of their customers. Creative artworks by expert designers bring a brand-new aesthetic feel. Continuous research and development by the Holostik team ensures that the box gets the best visual appeal aligned with the products’ category or shape. The design and the aesthetic elements represent the brand’s value, vision, and mission.


“Holostik is a leader in the industry providing high-quality folding cartons for different industries. We offer customised UV embossed and generic effect cartons for multiple packaging purposes. You can add lens effects, platinum relief images, crystal relief images or other unique aesthetic elements to the UV embossed laminate cartons.”


Along with these, multiple aesthetic elements like CRI, PRI and lens prevent duplication as these elements cannot be copied. High-security features are an addition to the folding cartons and help brands to stay confident against replication. Without security features, duplicity can negatively impact the brand. Integrating digital barcodes, on the other hand, improves security and supply chain visibility.

The Unique Carton Packaging by Holostik


Professionals in packaging and marketing can choose from various choices for substrates, structure coatings, finishing, and structure on a folded carton. However, only a skilled packaging company can offer the high-end quality and accuracy required to turn a standard carton into something unique.


Holographic mono cartons or 3D mono cartons are widely preferred by manufacturing businesses for packaging, branding and durability purposes. Holostik has the capacity to fulfil the high-volume requirements of the clients. UV embossed folding cartons offered by Holostik are designed to increase product appeal and boost sales.


If you are eager to know more about our 3D folding cartons, integrated labelling, secure packaging, and supply chain visibility solutions, call us at 9905-124-124 or send us a mail at marcom@holostik.com

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