You might have heard a million times that prevention of a thing is always better than its remedy, and it is no different when it comes to guarding your brand. The security label is perhaps the most adaptable step in securing a product or brand. It can get used as a pictorial repellant, a device to tag, record, and detect an object’s position and avoid forgery.

Fraudsters can target almost any product, whether it’s the clothes and apparel we wear, the food we eat, or the electronic devices we use for work or play. This forgery or counterfeiting is an issue that costs businesses around the world a quarter-trillion dollars every year. This is why modern business owners invest in security labels. These security labels allow brands like yours to keep a close eye on their distribution chain and stay ahead of fraudsters.

How do security labels help protect the privacy of clients and businesses?

Almost every brand fall prey to forgery and counterfeiting. It is a prevalent problem that tarnishes brand images and leads to a loss of goodwill and revenue. Security labels or holographic films assist brands in determining the product identity and maintaining their credibility throughout the distribution chain, from the factory floor to their customers.

Customers can also rely on security hologram to ensure that the legitimate products they buy have not been tampered with on their way from the manufacturer to them.

What are the different types of security labels?

An informed security label provider can recommend the various safety features that help combat piracy and product diversion. Mentioned below are some popular types of security labels.

  • Appropriate numbering

Registration numbers and other identification numbers are frequently the first steps in building a proper product marking system.

  • Digital barcodes

Barcodes frequently appear on products. While most people recognize barcode labels to keep track of stock levels and speed up the purchase process in stores, many barcodes on products hold information that assists in brand recognition and overcomes the challenges of forgery and counterfeiting.

  • Special technologies

Security labels get employed to create markings on objects using certain technologies, often high-difficulty printing procedures. These marks get designed to be instantly recognizable and exceedingly difficult to replicate unless done so by an authorized source.

The majority of individuals who witness these would probably refer to them as security holograms. Although counterfeiters have mastered the basic external appearance of some holograms, modern technologies allow their producers to insert unique identification with incredible detail and sophistication.

  • Track and trace solutions 

Track and trace is a cloud-based software employed in concert with security impressing on products to facilitate brand owners to receive a grip on their supply chains. With the help of these track and trace solutions, brand owners can remain informed of their entire supply chain process and track the progress of their shipments.

Also, this type of security label can provide brand owners with additional advantages like supporting customer engagement programs, guarantee administration, and several other marketing drives.

The bottom line

A brand is one of the most valuable assets for every business. It is the mark of quality your clients depend on, and it is the prominence your company has strived so hard to accomplish and maintain. Hence, it is imperative to safeguard these years of reputation and brand goodwill.

We further ensure to use excellent grade security labels and employ nano-optical holographic images to enhance your brand safety.

So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us now, and we would be thrilled to walk you through your options.

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