How to check Tissot watch real or genuine

The Tissot watch organization was set up in 1853 in the little town of Le Locle, Switzerland. The organization gives astounding timepieces to customers in 150 nations starting at 2009. Due to Tissot’s quality, the value goes for its watches goes from several thousand to lakhs.


Owing to that, some under legitimate producers are offering copy, or phoney, Tissot looks like bona fide ones, particularly by means of Internet shopping outlets. To decide if an indicated Tissot is a fake thing, you can look at specific attributes of the watch.

How to Check Real or Fake Tissot Watch

1. Cost is important – Check the cost of the watch. If the cost for the new Tissot is fundamentally under $200, it could show that the watch is a copy. For instance, if you purchase a Tissot from a road merchant for $20-50, you can be relatively sure it is a phoney.

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2. Wind the watch and feel – In a bona fide Tissot, you would not feel the development of the internal workings being dragged along by the winding system.

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3. Look at the crown or winding handle – If the watch has the mark letter T on the crown, verify whether it is engraved or just stuck on. Genuine Tissot have an engraved letter on the crown.

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4. Survey all parts of the state of its face under the crystal – On the off chance that there are tidy, fingerprints, build up or hairs at first glance, the watch is a shabby reproduction. Additionally, check the nature of numbering and other printing; there ought to be no imperfections. Likewise, inset dials, for example, chronometers and tachymeters ought to be legitimately adjusted and all-around set. Contrast the watch confront and a photo of a legitimate one on Tissot’s site (


5. Read all the imprinting on the watch – If there are incorrect spellings or sentence structure blunders on the watch face or case back, `the watch is phoney. For instance, slip-ups, for example, “Eigtheem Jewels” and “Made in Swiss” demonstrate a phoney watch.

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6. Watch a dial-in obscurity in the wake of charging it under a light – Tissot utilizes a splendid, superb radiant material for most of its watch hands and dials. Imitation watches will have a low-quality glow or none by any means.

On the off chance that you are yet uncertain about its realness, take the watch to an approved Tissot merchant or a gem specialist acquainted with fine looks for an expert sentiment.

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