In India, holographic stickers are widely used in every sector. These stickers are generally used for product security reasons and are very hard to forge. Holographic security stickers are manufactured through a series of sophisticated processes. The word ‘Holographic’ simply implies that your design has an iridescent vinyl finish that gives your design a fascinating rainbow look. Hologram stickers are flat labels that make you feel like 3D pictures.

How are Holographic Security Stickers Made?

Holography is an optical technology that involves master origination – recording of interference patterns of an object/images on a photoresist plate. With high precision lasers, the technology has scaled up, and now images even on the nanoscale can be recorded. The photoresist plate with recorded patterns goes through a series of processes under the supervision of engineers and technicians to take the shape of a hologram security sticker.

Significance of Security Holograms in India

Yes, as the title says, “A NEW WAY OF SECURITY”, the most significant way to avoid the selling of counterfeit products is through holographic security stickers. These stickers can encompass a blend of different security features. You can find them on ID cards, passports, security documents, etc. Because of the construction of several layers, they ensure guarantee and protection for your goods. This avoids fraud and duplication for your brand and organization.


The stickers also advertise the brand name better than the normal version of the sticker. This is because of its eye-catching 3D look and vibrant colour scheme.


Holographic stickers in India are used for purposes like;

  • Packaging
  • Product Security
  • Brand protection
  • Authentication
  • Labeling

Apart from this, they are used in various industries like cosmetics, pharmaceutical, academic purposes (certificates), textile industries, etc. For verification purposes like tax, insurance, or any technical inspections, one can see these stickers being used in windshield glasses of cars.

How to choose the best hologram supplier for your company?

There are ample companies that manufacture holographic stickers in India. You should check particular aspects and make sure that the packaging holograms consist of high-quality, eco-friendly raw materials.

  • The stickers should be robust and resist all forms of wear and wear with high production standards.
  • Always check the adhesive and hologram print quality. It would be preferable if your product quality manager received a sample from the hologram manufacturers in India before the purchase is finalized.
  • You must also look at the variety of the stickers produced. More variety of designs means the company is innovative.
  • Another fact that is to be considered is whether the company is used to making customizable stickers.

The pandemic saw counterfeiters having a field day, particularly with increasing demand for pharmaceutical products. The recent forgery of medicine vials of Remdesivir jeopardized the lives of patients from Covid-19 throughout India and has put genuine producers in danger.

In this context, Noida-based Holostik India, which came into existence to authenticate supply chains to safeguard lives, is ideally positioned to aid manufacturers and consumers with their anti-counterfeit packaging.


Holostik is one of the only worldwide firms that provide physical and digital security solutions under one roof & has secured products for more than 10,000 enterprises in over 90 countries. It is also one of the biggest security hologram suppliers in the world.

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