Numerous replication techniques pose a serious concern to the medical and pharmaceutical industry.


World Health Organization (WHO) estimates annual global sales of counterfeit medicines to be more than $32 billion. Counterfeit packaging and drugs are putting peoples’ lives at risk. It also creates another problem of product diversion outside authorized distribution channels.


To address this problem, pharmaceutical companies are putting their efforts into the authentication process to secure pharma products. As an effective measure of protection, optically variable/diffractive hologram stickers have become the proven way to safeguard pharma products from counterfeiting.   

Holograms for secure and authentic pharma products

Many top drug companies worldwide use holograms for their medicines in multiple forms such as labels, hot-stamping foils, seals, blister-pack foils, 3D stickers, and so on. Continuous evolution, invention, and innovation in holographic techniques have contributed to the development of complex devices which are easily recognized for their uniqueness and make it difficult for counterfeiters to copy the original products.


“Ordinary holographic films neither prevent duplication nor create a unique identity of your products leading to slumping in revenue and number of customers.”


Modern holograms are integrated with high security features to provide authentic technical solutions against counterfeiting. Covert features in hologram stickers such as micro-text, specialtyand UV-sensitive inks, and scrambled images make the products secure and protected from fraudulent activities.


Track and trace feature

Serialization is another technique that enhances the traceability of the products. Track and trace system links with field-tracking, manages database and decodes the product’s unique identity.It is contributing a lot to the smooth logistical operations of the pharma companies. Unique numbers with the hologram label or sticker separate the genuine products from the fake ones.

Different types of modern hologram stickers with more secure practices

-3D Hologram Stickers with Advanced Optical Features

Holostik’s nano origination system allows incorporation of security features as small as 40 nano meters. Other optical features include 3D visualization, dead colour, motion, colour sparkle, kinetic effect, covert laser readable images among others. A combination of these features ensure utmost reliability.


-Hologram Stickers with Printed Machine-Readable Codes with Readable Data

In this feature serialization can be done on any OVD along with 1D and 2D barcode. The digital codes assign unique identity to every product which can be read through proprietary and generic application. The feature is compatible with GTIN numbers. Variants include inkjet numbering, laser numbering, UV invisible numbering, thermal black numbering, and many others. 


-Hologram stickers with scratch

Scratch holograms hide information which the end user can see only after scratching off the holographic image. These holograms can be used for applications such as recharge vouchers and cards. We have the capability to provide applied, partial, holographic, and grey scratch.


-Demetallized hologram stickers

Demetallization if the removal of metallization from some parts or whole areas to form security patterns or design enhancements in hologram stickers. Demetallized area enables the user to see the background image, colour, or text when the OVD gets finally pasted.


Holostik offers a comprehensive range of hologram stickers in multiple colours, shapes, and sizes. Built with the latest technologies, 3D hologram stickers by Holostik are considered the next-level security and anti-counterfeiting solutions for pharma products.


You can go for a reputed pharma packaging company like Holostik, and get all the labeling, packaging, and supply chain visibility solutions required to market your pharmaceutical products. If you are eager to know more about our integrated pharma packaging solutions, call us at 9905-124-124 or send us a mail at

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