The distribution phase during the supply chain is the most critical one, as it can lead to product theft at any point. One of the reasons contributing to product theft during the phase is a great deal of confusion.


However, one thing that has proven to be immensely beneficial are the security labels. These labels are proven to be quite functional, which have been used widely for a long time.


Not to forget, product theft is responsible for black market sales, and therefore it is essential to safeguard the interest of manufacturing companies. After all, no manufacturers want the goods to get lost in transit, which ultimately leads to profit and confidence loss of retailers and customers in the brand.

How Do Security Labels/Holograms Work?

We have already talked in detail about what security labels are. However, to incorporate these into our daily life, understanding how they tend to work is essential. Quite a several ways are generally kept into consideration:


  1. The first step is by which it can be shortlisted as a part of the production line. It ensures exclusivity, and once the product gets stolen or misplaced there can be an alert generated. It helps the market to be on alert and start looking for the product and the perpetrators.
  2. The label also guarantees a seal of trust and can help the product from getting spoilt. It also ensures that the product is kept safe from copying because the security hologram is quite hard to replicate.
  3. There are plenty of prestigious hardware production companies that have also incorporated security labels. The way these are constructed is hard to replicate, and once broken, it is next to impossible to put back together. It not only helps in product safety but also ensures that you do not have to worry about the client experience as well.

Benefits of Using Security Labels Other Than Product Theft

There are many benefits of using product labels. Hence, these are widely adopted by most product manufacturers. Even though it is a slight extra expense, the product safety is ensured, which automatically makes you more credible to the clients.

Some of the major advantages of using these labels are:

1.   Reduces Product Duplication and Increases Authenticity:

It is one of the primary reasons why one should always go for security holograms or labels. It helps the manufacturers to be extra safe with the production and not fall prey to those who regularly produce first copies. It is also essential that more companies take up this initiative because it will put an end to the regular production of black-market items. If you are in pursuit of a premium security label manufacturer, then a great option to consider is Holostik Security Labels.

2.   Identify The Perpetrators:

We have already discussed how the labels help against design copy. But it also assists with identifying the chain which is involved in the theft process. The code is always unique to each product and hence a great option.


3.   Customized Design:

The best part about this is that you get designs, which as individuals you can choose easily. Hence for the producing company, it becomes a respite that they can design the unique labels.


To stand up against continuous product theft, every production company must take the responsibility of incorporating the concept of security labels.  It acts as a seal of trust among the retailers as well as the end-users. Whether you are a small manufacturing firm or a well-established one, incorporating product labels can cut huge uninvited trouble off your shoulders and safeguard your brand’s reputation.

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