Brands are expected to innovate. Brands invest all of their effort into creating products that delight their customers. The labels and packaging are key to attracting customers. A Hologram Sticker is one such popular label. Hologram stickers act as visual authentication marks.


Hologram labels are used to prove the authenticity of a product. Customers can get confused when there are many copies of the same authentic brand on the market and end up buying counterfeit products. These labels can be used to distinguish between genuine and fake products. These stickers are for security purposes.


A holographic sticker can make your product stand out and create trust between your brand and your customers.


These are some tips to help you choose the right hologram products that suits your brand.


Your budget


The first thing you should do before choosing a hologram sticker to represent your brand is to decide on a budget. You can get a variety of stickers from different hologram manufacturers in India. You should choose the right one based on your product’s value and requirements.


Size and shape


There are many sizes and shapes available for 3D hologram stickers. Manufacturers can design many sizes and shapes, from square to circular. The right size and shape should match the product information label as well as the size of the product container.


Material and adhesive


The stickers are made from thin plastic sheets. However, you have the option to choose between PET or PVC as the base material. Adhesives are used depending on the material. Self-adhesive stickers are the most common.




You can customize holographic stickers with different colours and prints. Customers are drawn to certain colours and can communicate their preferences to the designer. A holographic sticker can help you market your product.




You need to be careful about the quality of stickers. Low-quality stickers can cause the colour to fade quickly. Also, cheap material will not last for long. Use the highest quality stickers to mark your product on the market. Ask the Hologram India manufacturer for samples to test.


Holographic stickers are suitable for use in products of the beauty industry, cosmetic industry and even eatables. These holographic labels can also be used on automobile-related product containers too.


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