Pharmaceutical products need proper handling, packaging, and transportation. Quality packaging plays a pivotal role in the safety, maintenance, and shelf-life of pharma products. Packaging is done while aligning with factors such as light, moisture, oxygen, biological contamination, temperature variation, and so on.


Pharma packaging solution providers must adhere to the latest regulations and provide compliant packaging solutions. Any company providing pharma packaging solutions must be qualified to pack healthcare and pharma products. They must be well versed in handling and preserving sensitive medical products with uniquely designed packaging for the improved shelf life of the products.

Below are four important qualities that you must check while accessing the service of a pharma packaging supplier:

1. Certifications to handle pharmaceutical products

 The solution provider must have accreditation from the authorities where they are operating. It ensures the commitment to packaging safety and quality. The packaging service provider should meet the required standards for packaging, serialization, and environment. It is required to verify that the pharma packaging solution provider follows the latest packaging regulations. Some important certifications received by us are GS1 and Drug Masters File.


“Our anti-duplication, advance packaging and smart supply chain solutions secure your pharma products & supply chain ensuring customer trust and brand equity.”


2. The experienced team of employees

Some pharmaceutical products are packed in a highly complex way. Multiple packaging needs to combine multiple SKUs of the products in one package. Automation of complex packaging makes it simpler. Yet, packaging companies need to have an experienced team of employees who are well versed in such packaging processes. This guarantees that the quality of pharma products never gets compromised. With 30+ years of experience in anti-counterfeiting and packaging technology, Holostik helps you select the right packaging solutions for your Pharma products. 


3. Access to associated pharma packaging services

Proper packaging plays an important role in safeguarding pharma products along with it also creates brand awareness or impact among the consumers. 3D Folding Cartons and UV embossed labels as offered by Holostik result in a unique and high-value brand image of the products. The use of holographic films prevents product duplication or counterfeiting and increases customer sales.

Several types of packaging solutions offered by us are:

  • UV-Embossed 3D Lens Film
  • UV Embossed 3D Folding Cartons
  • Holographic Security Pouches
  • Holographic Packaging Films


4. The Ability to Offer End-to-End Services

From labels to packaging, once a product is finally packaged, some pharma companies need access to additional services for the guided entry into the marketplace. You need to make sure that whether the service provider is offering the add-on services or not. Some associated services are:


Anti-counterfeiting: Holographic products help the products against counterfeiting by integrating the products with digital bar codes. It ensures product authenticity and supply chain visibility.

Some of the popular anti-counterfeiting solutions for the pharma industry are:

  • Security Holograms(OVDs)
  • Digital Product Authentication
  • Holographic Strip for Blister Packs
  • Holographic Hot Stamping Foils
  • Holographic Induction Sealing Wads


Labels: 3D labels with seamless integration to digital technology helps a brand with brand protection, supply chain visibility, and product aesthetics. Some of the most popular labels categories are:

  • Security Labels
  • Smart Labels
  • Specialty 3D Labels
  • Holographic Shrink Sleeves


“Our specialty 3D labels help in accentuating the brand image of your pharma product of on the shelf and give it a unique product identity.”


Supply chain visibility: A comprehensive supply chain management service ensures efficient use of raw materials, higher productivity, and increased productivity. Quality supply chain visibility by top pharma packaging partners such as Holostik helps the brands in preventing counterfeiting. GS1 track and trace standards and different digital solutions keep full proof in terms of quality and originality. Some customized supply chain services in demand are:

  • Track and Trace
  • Inventory Management
  • Reward Management
  • Warranty Management


You can go for a reputed pharma packaging company like Holostik, and get all the labeling, packaging, and supply chain visibility solutions required to market your pharmaceutical products. If you are eager to know more about our integrated pharma packaging solutions, call us at 9905-124-124 or send us a mail at

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