Did you know product labels and Government documents without security printing features can easily be copied by fraudsters, resulting in financial losses?


It has been observed that a lack of security printing in critical documents could lead to the leak of highly sensitive information. Likewise, the absence of security printing options can undermine consumer trust and adversely affect brand image.


Considering the scenario, is there a proven way to boost document or label security?


What is the best possible way to incorporate security features?


Our anti-counterfeiting experts have come up with a range of security printing technologies to deter forgers/counterfeiters.


Let’s decipher them:

Security inks – an added layer of protection in documents, labels, and packaging

Innovative security inks have a high resistance to counterfeiting deter forgery and replicate to ensure the protection of your documents and products.

Some types of security inks offered by Holostik include:

  • UV security inks: Text printed with these inks is invisible/covert under normal light, but is visible under UV light. UV security printing is common in currency notes, educational certificates, passports etc.
  • Thermochromic inks: These are heat-sensitive inks that change colour with a change in temperature. The text printed with these inks is covert to the human eye in normal conditions. Such text can act as an authentication feature for supply chain stakeholders.
  • Metal reactive inks: The ink changes colours when rubbed with a metallic object. It is again a great covert element.

    “Holostik security printing solutions help secure documents and products in banking, education, government, and other sectors.”

Sophisticated design patterns generated with mathematical algorithms

The graphic patterns cannot be replicated, resulting in a high level of security for your possessions.

Some security patterns and anti-copy features offered by us:

  • Guilloche patterns: The multi-level security feature can be customized for institutions and banks to prevent financial loss. We can print these graphic patterns through specialized algorithms generated through design software.
  • ‘Copy void’ text: It is a covert feature and appears if a document is copied by the photocopying machine.
  • Micro text: Fonts smaller than 0.3 mm fall under micro text and are placed in documents for added security.

Complex verifiable numbers, data printing & QR codes

Such computer-generated numbers increase the security and protection of sensitive documents and assets. The serialization is generated through software algorithms. The numbers printed on the documents, labels or packaging assign a unique identity to each document/label/package.  

Use of Holography to keep even the smartest criminals at bay

Holography cannot be copied with even advanced photocopying machines. The use of holographic patterns either in the form of hologram stickers or stamping foils can add to the security and visual appeal of the documents and packaging.

Why you should pick Holostik Security Printing

As a top holographic products supplier, Holostik incorporates the best security printing capabilities into its products. Holostik uses high-end solvents, inks, and adhesives, which provide top print quality for security.

Skilled visualists and graphic designers use sophisticated software to produce complex designs, patterns logos, as well as additional typographic features. Hologram stickers as well as other solutions are embedded using unique security printing options, increasing aesthetics and security.


  • IBA security printing certificate guarantees the highest security printing of labels and documents.
  • The company has a dedicated design and artwork team to design unique and distinctive designs that can’t be duplicated.
  • Rapid turnaround time with the help of management software systems.
  • The use of premium solvents, inks, and adhesives guarantees the highest quality of the final product.
  • European standard machines that have up to 12 colours of high-quality printing options ensure top quality for the final product.
  • A reputable and well-known part of a prestigious label association such as LMAI.

Holostik invests in modern digital printing technology to ensure your products are secure and efficient. Our team offers you the chance to personalize your experience with your products, such as gifts, tickets, vouchers, and certificates.

If you are eager to know more about our security printing, integrated labeling, and holographic packaging, call us at 9905-124-124 or send us a mail at marcom@holostik.com

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