After a sluggish market of two years, we know you wish to see a rise in your sales graph. For this, you must be planning a new business strategy to push your business growth.


But, despite your well-planned efforts, things can go wrong if you haven’t considered your packaging seriously. Packaging is the first thing seen and felt by your customer, making the initial impact of your product and brand on his/her mind.


According to one survey, 52% of online customers report they will continue purchasing from the same company if they receive their orders in premium packaging. (Source:


Premium packaging is secure, aesthetic, convenient, and durable. Surprisingly, all these elements are found in our holographic packaging solutions. Let’s understand how holographic packaging works wonders for your products.

Holographic packaging guarantees the safety of your products from counterfeiting & tampering.

Product safety is a big concern for any business. Duplication or tampering of your products can straightaway decline your sales. In case, you are compromising with your packaging then your business can go for a toss. With easy access to packaging technology, it’s no big deal for counterfeiters to copy your packaging.


This is where holography comes into the picture. Holographic packaging solutions are nearly impossible to copy. Why? The answer lies in hologram origination which requires sophisticated machines, lasers, and of course expertise to make it. It can’t be achieved in a factory backyard.


We at Holostik provide holographic wide web packaging films with nano-optical images – shot at a resolution of more than 600,000 dots per inch. Hologram images on the nanoscale are unbelievably small which makes them foolproof against duplication. Even the smartest criminals will never attempt to replicate nano-optical holograms.

Holographic packaging accentuates the visual appeal of products

According to market reports, customers have an attention span of less than 4 seconds on the market shelf. Is your product packaging appealing enough to grab customers’ attention among many other products? Is the brand name, typography and colours scheme up to par? Well, if you haven’t considered these points as of yet, then it’s time to revamp your packaging.


Holographic packaging renders a variety of designs, patterns, logos, and typography in three-dimensional visibility. Holography exhibits colours of the rainbow spectrum giving altogether a unique visual appeal to the product.


Our holographic and UV embossed packaging can optimize the point-of-sale visibility of your products on the market shelf resulting in high product sales and brand perception.

Holographic packaging safeguards products from moisture and contamination

There are high chances of product damage in the supply chain. Also, poorly packaged goods are prone to moisture and contaminants. Imagine your consumers receive bad quality damaged products in the market. What impact it will have on them? Will they ever buy your products? Perhaps never, they will switch to your competitor. The market is flooded with numerous products and taking packaging for granted can leave you behind in the market race.


Our holographic packaging is made with the finest quality PET, BOPP, CPP, and PVC materials. Our holographic embossing and lamination standards are matchless. The reason behind this is our legacy of 30 years in the holography business. Our solutions protect your products from moisture and air thus increasing their shelf life.


We are among few companies in India with mastering, metallizing, and embossing performed in house under 24×7 surveillance

Range of holographic packaging solutions provided by Holostik

Holostik provides custom holographic packaging films, holographic blister films, UV embossed films, UV embossed cartons, holographic laminates, holographic security pouches, and holographic wads to meet your diverse packaging needs.

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