Poor quality induction sealing wads fail to secure your product’s contents from duplication, tampering, and leakage. Due to the lack of security features, the chances for duplication increases, thus bringing out the possibility of marketing failure. Many companies offer low-quality induction sealing wads that result in product pilferage. Poor quality wads also hinder product appeal and serve as a stigma for the brand.


“Poor quality induction sealing wads fail to secure your product’s contents from duplication, pilferage, spillage & tampering.”

How high-quality induction sealing wads help in maintaining the brand’s credibility


High-quality induction sealing wads by top hologram manufacturing companies help brands retain the customers’ trust and maintain the brand’s image.


Here are the top 5 reasons for choosing high-quality induction sealing wads:


  1. Spill-proof safety and anti-counterfeiting features: Use of holographic technology makes the sealing wads replication-proof. Along with it, robust manufacturing prevents any chances of spillage or leakage.
  2. Induction sealing: Induction sealing of these wads removes any possibility of contamination, duplication, and pilferage. Such assured product packaging boosts the authentic sales of the products as well.
  3. Anti-tampering feature: Anti-tampering feature prevents any tampering possibility and ensures top-quality products. This way, counterfeiters are unable to tamper with the original products.
  4. QR code integration: It ensures the digital authentication of products, resulting in a robust supply chain process. Products can be easily tracked to recognize the difference between fake and original products.
  5. Customization: These HDPE wads can be customized to adhere to the brand’s values and packaging needs. As per the containers of the products, be it eatables or medicines, the wads are designed and manufactured in different shapes and sizes.

Reasons for choosing Holostik induction sealing wads?


Induction sealing wads are manufactured from high-quality raw materials. These sealing wads are used for sealing that prevents tampering, leakage, unauthorized dealing, and contamination. Holostik caters to multiple industries, such as food, automobile, cosmetics, agriculture, pharmaceutical, etc., with its high-quality HDPE wads. Some of the top reasons for opting for Holostik induction sealing wads are as below:

  • High-quality raw materials.
  • Research and development for the best technical advantages.
  • Classy aesthetic appeal.
  • 24×7 surveillance for confidentiality of the client’s business.
  • India’s leading holography technology player with its four generations of business credibility.

Launch your products in the safest way with quality induction sealing wads from the house of Holostik:


Holostik is successfully meeting the client’s needs over the decades, and it has been known as the manufacturing industry’s pioneer for packaging, sealing, and wading needs. The veteran professionals and designers offer the best packaging materials in accordance with the requirements of the clients while considering their sales and branding objectives. The experienced team ensures that no customer faces any issues while marketing and transporting their products.


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