With the emerging counterfeiting techniques, it is essential to protect your products from the hands of counterfeiters.



Here are the reasons to choose Holographic pouches over regular pouches:


  • Pouches with no security features can easily be copied, resulting in product duplicates and low sales.
  • The poor quality pouches are not able to withstand the harsh environment and are damaged easily, and could compromise your product’s quality.
  • There are a lot of chances of leakage or spillage from low-quality pouches, resulting in low-quality products.
  • The contents of pouches that are not made of high-quality materials can easily be degraded and contaminated, which could harm the health of the end consumer.
  • Holostik’s Holographic pouches eliminate duplicates and enhance the aesthetics of your product, resulting in high sales.
  • The use of top-quality secure Holographic pouches helps in avoiding counterfeiting and in increasing sales.
  • Flexible printing, as well as optical functions offer superior aesthetics and differentiate the product from other products.
  • High-quality Holographic film and adhesives limit the risk of leakage and spillage, keeping the original product safe and secure.
  • Highly customizable to meet your product’s packaging specifications.
  • Using 4th generation nano optical holography can enhance the aesthetics and security of your product.

 Why you should choose Holostik Holographic Pouches:

Holostik is a well-known brand for its high-end Holographic security pouches that are suitable for various industries. Holography is incorporated into the pouches, the ideal packaging solution to stop product duplicates. Depending on particular requirements and needs, these pouches in multiple designs are available for all products.


  • Holostik is the only company in India with expertise in embossing, metalizing, and under 24-hour surveillance.
  • Four generations of Holographic technology in India increase the credibility of these secure packaging techniques.
  • Holostik Chairman was awarded Brian Monaghan Award from the Global Authority on Holography- IHMA.
  • A stunning aesthetic appeal due to years of R&D innovations improves the visibility at the point of sale of your product.
  • Holostik is one of the world’s largest producers of Holographic products.
  • Holostik is the founding member of HoMAI today ASPA (Authentication Solution Providers’ Association).


Holostik is one of the top brands in the anti-counterfeiting and packaging business that provides top-quality Holographic pouches that provide an authentication system and visual appeal to the product. The pouches are printed with high-quality technology and a range of security features.


Utilizing advanced printing technology, Holostik ensures that the manufacturers provide all kinds of information about their products and marketing information on the packaging of their products. Security pouches are highly affordable and instantly draw consumers’ attention in the shopping environment. With the aid bags for security, small businesses can increase their branding value on the market. Security pouches enable manufacturers to print appealing, high-quality designs that enhance the visibility of their products.


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