Are fake copies of your Pharma products being sold in the market? In the last two years, with the onset of the Covid pandemic, there has been a sharp rise in the sale of fake medicines. This is due to the massive demand for medicines, vaccines, and medical products which has led counterfeiters to take advantage of the situation.


Also, the pandemic has led to supply chain disruptions, inventory delays, product diversions, and mismanagement. All this has made it easier for forgers to manufacture and infiltrate supply chains with counterfeits.


As a brand protection company, we suggest you take immediate steps to safeguard your Pharma products. And the very first step in this regard is to use anti-counterfeit security holograms or optically variable devices (OVDs). But, why security holograms? Aren’t there other brand protection solutions available in the market? Yes, there are other solutions, but holograms stickers provided by us are much more than simple brand protection devices. In this blog, we discuss the multiple benefits of our smart security holograms for Pharma companies.


Let’s find out.

Security holograms prevent counterfeiting of Pharma products

It is nearly impossible for counterfeiters/criminals to copy security holograms. Yes, that’s a fact because holograms are made through rigorous master origination technology which employs the most sophisticated machines. The resolution, depth, and combination of images and patterns are so complex that it is impossible to replicate them.


We at Holostik use nano-optical holographic images which keeps even the smartest counterfeiter at bay. Your Pharma products with our security holograms are safe from counterfeiting, tampering, and adulteration. Also, Pharma products with security holograms instill confidence in the end consumers by creating a genuine brand identity.


“More than 600000 dots per inch! Yes, that’s the resolution at which the master of nano optical image hologram is shot. Images, text, and patterns at the nanoscale cannot be copied even with advanced photocopying machines. This makes our holograms impeccable against duplication.”

Increases the visual appeal of products to boost sales

Pharma products with security holograms have high visual appeal. Such products on the shelf instantly catch the attention of the end consumer & help boost product sales and brand equity. Packaging security holograms are extremely shiny and include aesthetic artworks and designs. Due to these enticing qualities, they give a unique appearance to the product and its packaging. A product with a custom hologram has a higher chance of being picked up by the customer compared to a product without holograms. Our design lab can incorporate custom designs, logos, brand names, and patterns in the holograms.

Holograms with QR codes help with supply chain visibility

Security holograms printed with QR codes can help with real-time product authentication, GS1 track & trace, and other supply chain management functions. Just scanning the QR code with your phone helps you to implement a gamut of solutions. We have the capability to print QR codes on holograms and implement digital solutions in your supply chain. We have an in-house team of engineers who provide seamless digital software solutions. Being a CMMI Level 3 certified company we have organizational maturity in delivering such sophisticated software solutions.


“Smart holograms are a combination of physical and digital technologies. The addition of QR code on hologram extends its function from physical authentication to inventory monitoring, real time product tracking and much more.”

Can be used to implement loyalty programs to increase customers

A good loyalty scheme helps to retain loyal customers and increase the current consumer base. We can help you implement custom loyalty management to keep a track of loyalties and keep customer data insights. Our security holograms printed with QR codes can help to implement loyalty schemes that can be availed by the end consumer just by scanning the codes on the holograms.


We are pioneers and leaders in four generations of hologram technology. With a DSIR Government of India certified lab and state-of-the-art infrastructure, we ensure to provide optimum quality security holograms as per your needs. Our holographic offerings include holographic hot stamping foils, LD strip, holographic scratch, holographic shrink sleeves, induction sealing holographic wads, UV embossed folding cartons, and much more. To know more about our anti-counterfeit & digital solutions call us on +91-9905-124-124 or send us a mail at

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