Stop Treating your Hair with Fake Hair-care Products

professional hair care

Who doesn’t like to flaunt those beautiful and long locks? Having nice and healthy hair is one of the finest beauty traits. In today’s time when pollution levels are at its peak, keeping shiny and lustrous hair is no less than an art!

With my personal experience, I can say that there is nothing sadder than seeing those hair strands on the comb every morning! I am sure most of us have tried almost every product on our hair to make them shiny, healthy and long.

Our hair looks heavenly when we get them shampooed and conditioned in the salons. Many times we have tried using the same products at home and they just don’t work the same. It is seen that many professional shampoos and conditioners are sold online and at many grocery stores but they just don’t have the same effect when used at home.

It has been observed that majority of the professional hair-care products sold at stores are knock-offs and counterfeits and do not come from the professionals they claim to come from.

They have notoriously high-levels of lead, arsenic which can cause damage to your hair instead of making them look better. Some of the worst consequences include itchy scalp, brittle and dry hair, allergies and even blindness.

Many professionals have confirmed that they sell their products only to the salons and not to the stores. Well, besides, many counterfeits of popular brands also come loaded with chemicals that can do more harm than good to our hair.

In this blog, we guide you on some main points that can help you identify a fake hair-care product.

1. Differences in the appearance
– Take a counterfeit product and compare it to an original, you’ll be able to notice minor and major differences in the ingredients, instructions, logos and misspelt words.

2. A barcode sticker – Counterfeited products tend to have a sticker pasted over the original barcode printed on the bottle. This is done by the counterfeiters to keep track of it. The professional salons will always use the barcode on the bottle.

3. Dirty, dented, or sticky – Professional hair care companies take a lot of pride in the quality of their products. If the product looks sticky, doesn’t smell like the original it is possibly a fake.

4. Missing batch code – If the batch codes are missing at the bottom, that’s another red flag.

5. Price Difference – There will always be a price difference in the original products and the knock-offs. The Price can be slightly higher or slightly lower than the original one. Compare the prices and confirm it on the product website. You will yourself know which is fake and which is real!

6. Not sold everywhere – Professional hair care companies sell their products only to professional salons. They hardly sell their products to grocery or drug stores.

7. No action or negative action – The fake product will never have any positive effect on your hair. Instead, it will act just the opposite.

Losing those precious strands can be a big loss so if you want to protect your health, money, and your hair, make sure you only buy from reputed, authorised, and professional salons.