Umendra Kumar Gupta - Holostik

It has been 4 decades, since Holostik Group’s inception and as one of the few people who have been associated with the company right from the beginning; I am privileged to have witnessed the remarkable development of the same.

Right from the provenience, we have been innovating technologies and in the span of 40 years; we have left indelible mark in the hologram industry. Today, Holostik’s name is synonymous with innovation and technology.

At our organisation, we strive for nothing less than excellence in any department. Happiness of employees and satisfaction of customers are the main driving forces of our organisation. Through the joint efforts of all the Holistikons, our clients and users, we have managed to secure our company in the market as the leading hologram security provider.

The plethora of challenging and imperative projects that we have successfully completed and delivered on time, incorporating state-of-the-art facilities and various technologies, plus the satisfactory experience of our customers commit us to equal standards for the future. 

Backed up by strong professional standards, policies and sustained by the support of over 820 dedicated team members and competent workforce, we shall keep up pace with the major developments that are rapidly taking place at home and around the globe.

For everyone, who have trusted us over the years and shown immense faith, we pledge to continue to deliver the best and highest quality products and services by adopting and applying cutting-edge technologies.

We believe we are here to make significant contribution in the industry and provide inimitable security solutions.

Umendra Kumar Gupta