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The packaged foods industry is expected to grow at

9% p.a.

According to sources, the packaged food industry lost an estimated

₹21,957 crore

to grey market in


The government incurred a loss of

₹6,096 crore

due to grey market in


Source : Report titled, “Emerging Challenges to Legitimate Business in the Borderless world” by FICCI CASCADE.

The packaged industry is expected to become a $100 billion industry by 2030 which directly means that the consumers are increasing every second. In order to protect the health of the people, it is important these products are secured from counterfeiters.

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Many packaged food companies and countries lose millions of money, consumers and brand image due to counterfeiting.
Security Holograms are perfect solutions to provide security, authentication and protection against counterfeit.

Our exclusive range of tamper-evident holograms ensures the identification of fake products. Any effort to peel it and reuse lead to the destruction of the hologram and makes the tampering visible. These are available in standard & customised designs and offered at economical prices. We use the latest holographic techniques to provide the best anti-counterfeit protection for brands and documents. We have an expert R&D programme and offers a wide range of authentication products to combat counterfeiting that helps to protect brands and documents.

Our security holograms can be applied to almost all the packaged food products like pickles, jams, spices, bread, food cans, etc. and on any type of surface. These holograms give a unique identity to the genuine products and ensure supreme security to the same.

A great label acts as a magnet in compelling the customer to buy your product over others.

We, at Holostik, offer a comprehensive assortment of labels to fulfil all requirements using our state-of-the-art technologies with expertise in self-adhesive films.

Labels not only renders a unique brand identification but also helps in placing important information like instructions, warnings and other important information. Using our state-of-the-art facilities and expert R&D team, our labels are manufactured which gives the customers utmost confidence to use them.

Our labels are also available with customer-specific visible and hidden security features integrated into the labels to maximise security against tampering and counterfeiting. We provide a large range of labels that are suitable for all types of applications on packaged foods.

Our security labels can be applied to almost all the packaged foods and on any type of surface. These labels give a unique identity to the genuine products and ensure supreme security to the same.

We have a wide range of hot stamping foils films for the packaged foods industry which not only enhances the product’s appeal but also makes its packaging distinguishable. We offer a broad range with a wide choice of functionality, colours and patterns. These are not only look-wise captivating but also have special features like resistance to abrasion, fade, heat, distortion, scratch-proof, moisture and chemical resistance etc.

Hot stamping foils in the packaged foods industry can be used on any type of packaging depending upon the customer requirements. Hot stamping can be done on paper, bottles, boxes, pouches, tubes, fabric etc. It provides unique identification as well as security to the products.

Packaged foods industry is extremely susceptible towards counterfeiting owing to its ability to generate great revenues. The products of this sector are used on a large scale by anyone and everyone. As the products of this industry are eatables and consumables, therefore, it is important that all acts of counterfeiting and adulteration are abolished.

Holographic wads are in high demand in the market for security, promotional and advertising purposes. Induction sealing wads are used for sealing or closing bottles and containers (made of PE, PET, and HDPE) tightly. By using laminated holographic foils in making sealing wads, there is an added layer of security and identity to the packaged products. Holographic sealing wads are potent tools to make the packaging truly pilfer proof.

Holographic sealing wads can be applied to the openings of the mouths of dairy product containers, jams, sauces, cans etc and help the packaged food companies to present their identity along with security.

Shrink sleeves offer strong visual branding opportunities in contrast to conventional labels. Shrink sleeves allow maximum creativity and are a perfect tool to carry both revitalised brand identity as well as product information.

Shrink sleeves offer a barrier to unwanted entry, maintain product integrity, quality and protection. In addition, tamper-evident seals add a level of security against counterfeiting. Shrink sleeve applicators are widely-used for cap sealing, complete bottle sleeving, full body sleeving, as well as fixed middle-body sleeving.
We are offering a wide range of heat shrinkable sleeves for the packaged foods industry and can be used on bottles of mineral water, oils, juices, jams, sauces, mouth fresheners etc. These are manufactured by skilled and experienced engineers. We test these products stringently on various parameters.

Holostik is a recognised name in supplying tailor-made holographic pouches. The heat-sealed adhesive property of the holographic pouch provides protection against attempts like alteration and tampering and is hence tamper-evident. The security is enhanced by combining it with optical technology where a common polyester film is substituted with the holographic film. This ensures the highest level of security where customised or non-customised films are laminated over and further printing is done as per the design requirements.

Due to its tamper-evident feature, any attempt to open the bag mechanically, thermally or chemically will be displayed. Hence, these pouches guarantee the security and authenticity of all the contents of the pouches.

Our holographic pouches can be used to store any liquid, semi-solid material that has the ability to leak or get copied like ketchup, jams, sauces, creams, pickles, spices, oil, coffee, tea etc. We have an extensive clientele from the packaged foods sector who have been benefitted by using our pouches and have reversed the effects of counterfeiting.

Holographic wide web film is majorly intended for packaging industry. We supply holographic wide web film in both PET and BOPP. Apart from brand protection, it increases the shelf appeal of the end product by making it fully holographic.

Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) Holographic Wide Web films

  • Available thickness – 13 microns
  • Available colour – silver and transparent
  • They are available in varied roll sizes, designs and materials.

Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP) Holographic Wide Web Films

  • Available thickness – 20 microns
  • Available colour – silver and transparent

Holographic Wide Web Films from Holostik find extensive usage in the packaging of many products. Augmented with security and holographic features, these wide web films are one of the best and most cost-effective options for various industries to prevent imitation of products, while adding to their visual appeal. These are manufactured using premium quality raw materials and sophisticated printing technologies and under expert supervision who take special care to keep the product compatible with international standards and latest market trends.

Wide web films in the automobile sector can be used in the packaging of carton boxes, lubricant oil cans, bottles etc. enhancing its look and feel and ensuring supreme security.

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