Bengaluru police nabs four men for selling fake Ayurvedic medicines

The Central Crime Branch Police in Bengaluru have nabbed four persons who were allegedly selling fake Ayurvedic products across the city. They used to target senior citizens for selling counterfeits. The arrested persons are namely Virupaksha, 40, Santosh, 30, Deepak, 31 and Vinayaka, 27 all residents of Yeshwantpur. The accused were operating a medical center called Siddi Ayurvedic Medicine from where they sold fake Ayurvedic medicines.

They would pretend as joggers and visit parks in the morning to befool the senior citizens suffering from back or leg pain. They would fabricate false stories about how their family members had similar ailments and were cured after getting treatment from Siddi Ayurvedic Medicine. Thereafter taking them into confidence they would take them to the center and coax them to buy fake medicines.

Police also said that they had recovered around Rs 6 lakh cash from them.

The police also said that multiple rackets are operating across the city that lures the victims and then sell their medicines to them. If the patient or a relative agreed to buy the oil, one of them would visit the family the same day and prepare the oil using herbs, coconut oil, flowers and other ingredients bought by the victims. Once the oil would be ready, the man would ask one of the family members to accompany him to the store where they had to pay a huge amount of money to buy the fake medicines to be added to the oil.


Source: TOI