Ordinary holographic films neither prevent duplication nor create unique identity of your products leading to slump in revenue & number of customers

Holographic Films without holographic features are prone to duplication & result in decreased market share

Holographic Films with poor aesthetics fail to provide visual appeal required to grab consumer attention

Holographic Films made with low quality raw materials do not prevent oxidation resulting in reduced shelf life

Lack of appeal in ordinary films bring down the appeal of your product ruining your brand image

Holostik holographic films boost product appeal, prevent duplication, and help increase sales

Advanced aesthetic features & patterns help increase brand value and grab customer’s attention

4th-generation holographic security features help prevent duplication & increase market share

High quality raw materials provide barrier against oxygen & moisture extending shelf life of your product

Integration of aesthetic & security features in a single film help your business develop brand equity

Nano optical images technology help create sharpness for maximum brand appeal & security

One of the few companies to offer generic, custom & spot patterns in films up to a width of 1590mm

Why you should choose Holostik Holographic Films

Holostik is a globally renowned name in providing superior quality holographic films. Specially crafted & manufactured using premium quality raw materials, these films are designed with care to make the product compatible with international standards & latest market trends.

High refractive index & greater optical density in our films provide maximum visibility to your products

Fulfil your huge requirements with faster turnround time enables you to timely sell your products

Catering to all sectors & major laminators across India- testimony to our excellence in manufacturing

Complete holographic films production facility under one roof with 24x7 surveillance

One of the largest global manufacturers of holographic products

Agmark certified holographic films for food grade packaging

Globally Recognized


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