Increase in sale


Drop in duplication


ROI for our solutions


Supply chain visibility

Use of low-quality packaging films can lead to poor sales

Increases chances of duplication and tampering

Brings down your brand image and product aesthetics

Limits consumer engagement

Holostik holographic packaging films can help you increase sales by up to 41%

  • Brand enhancement combined with product security
  • Unique 3D designs with clarity and depth for high aesthetic appeal
  • Higher perceived value for your products
  • Customized to your brand and packaging needs

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What makes Holostik holographic packaging films unique

Holostik introduced holography to India in 1991 and has pioneered the industry ever since. We have complete in-house capabilities ranging from R&D, designing and manufacturing to substrate and IT development.
One of the few companies in India to provide complete wide web production facility under one roof
3D patterns developed with the use of nano-optical imaging for advanced product security
Generic, custom and spot patterns with transparency for endless design possibilities
Counted among few companies in India for producing wide web films with a width of 1590 mm
In-built layers of overt and covert features to combat product counterfeiting
Superior aesthetic appeal owing to decades of R&D innovation


Silver metallization on PET film

Silver metallization on PET film

Silver metallization on BOPP film

Silver metallization on BOPP film

Transparent holographic film

Transparent holographic film

3D holographic films with nano-optic imaging

3D holographic films with nano-optic imaging

Globally Recognized

CMMI Level 3
GS-1 Compliant

Tailored to your Industry

With an ever-growing economy, India's top manufacture rely on us for product security and supply chain management.

Trusted by 10,000+ brands

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