Poor quality wads fail to secure your product’s contents from duplication, pilferage, spillage, & tampering

Lack of security features in wads increases the chances of duplication resulting in poor sales

Low-quality wads are prone to damage resulting in pilferage & adulteration of the product

Wads of poor-quality hampers the visual appeal of the product resulting in low customer trust

Generic wads put brand image and product security at stake resulting in loss of brand equity

Holostik induction sealing wads provide spill proof safety along with anti-counterfeiting features with the help of holography

Leak prevention seal & pilferage protection keeps the product contents intact resulting in high product quality

Incorporation of holographic features to prevent duplication & subsequently boost sales

Tamper evident features to prevent adulteration & tampering ensures high quality end product

Integration of QR code results in managing digital product authentication & efficient supply chain

Customized to your brand and packaging needs in order to meet diverse requirements

Use of 4th generation nano optical holography ensures high security from duplication, tampering & adulteration

Why you should choose Holostik Induction Sealing Wads

Holostik induction sealing wads are made with premium quality raw materials. Our high quality wads are used for sealing applications which prevent leakage, tampering, contamination, & unauthorized dealing. Some of the industries to which we cater our wads include automobile, food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, agriculture etc.

Use of high-quality raw materials enhances efficiency of induction wads in harsh environments

In-house quality and R&D team to resolve customer technical constraints

Superior aesthetic appeal owing to decades of research and development ensures high visual appeal

All physical & digital layers are produced in-house under 24x7 surveillance ensuring client’s confidentiality

Pioneers of 4 generations of holographic technology in India adds to our credibility

Different variants of wads available as per the requirement of your product and its contents

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Evaluating Induction Wads For Your Products?

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