Poor packaging is a big turnoff for consumers bringing down product sales drastically

Low quality dull packaging fails to create a visual appeal for your product on the market shelf resulting in low sales

Packaging without aesthetics leave no impression on the buying psychology of the consumers hampering business growth

Without unique 3D designs & patterns in your packaging you will not be able to differentiate your product from the competitors

Packaging without security feature is futile against duplication and negatively impacts your brand equity

Holostik UV-embossed folding cartons boost packaging aesthetics to drive humungous sales

Wide range of folding cartons made with UV embossed films provide strong visibility to the product on the shelf

Technologies such as lens, PRI & CRI helps highlight film’s artwork and subsequently boost brand visibility along with security

Wide range of UV embossed films available inhouse for developing customized UV embossed & generic effect carton with the help of our strategic partners

Metallized special effect film with UV printing used for laminating to create folding carton with strong visibility

Inhouse team of graphic designers to develop attractive artwork in the UV embossed films to grab consumer eyeballs

Can integrate digital barcodes for enhanced security and supply chain visibility

Why you should choose Holostik UV Embossed Folding Cartons

Holostik is industry leader in providing state-of-the-art folding cartons to different industries. We provide customized effect UV embossed carton and generic effect carton for multiple packaging uses. The UV embossed laminate films for the cartons are incorporated with lens effects, crystal relief image, platinum relief image and many other unique aesthetic elements.

Par excellence UV embossed folding cartons developed to increase product appeal and boost sales

Capability to fulfil high volume of customer’s requirements in less time

Superior aesthetic appeal owing to decades of research and development ensures high visual appeal

Winner of prestigious IFCA packaging awards for UV embossed film based folding cartons

Incorporation of different aesthetic elements like lens, PRI, CRI which cannot be replicated, hence prevents duplication

Highly customizable to your brand and packaging needs makes our cartons highly popular within a large consumer base




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